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The Pennsic List ™

If it’s summer, it must be “OMG I have so much to do before Pennsic!” season… So here’s what I intend to get done (and it does differ from the other list over there on the right-hand side). We’ll see how that goes.

  • additional fencing underthing for M (bringing his total to 2)*
  • mustard twill tunic for M (armor)*
  • sand wool tunic for M (check for armor-worthiness)*
  • blue woolen hosen for M
  • another braies for M (bringing his total to 4, 3 of which are combat-worthy)
  • another shert for M (bringing his total to 3)
  • 2 new smocks for me (bringing my total to 3 “good” ones, and allowing me to ditch the old ones entirely)
  • red linen hosen for me
  • blue woolen hosen for me (if the scraps from M’s work out such that this makes sense) (bringing my total sock-age to 3)
  • mauve wool gown for me (pipe dream, lowest priority…)

There, that’s not so bad.  (Ha!)  Asterisked items will be machine sewn; those get top billing.  If I can’t get the rest done, some portion of it will travel to War with us to be assembled there. It’s lovely to sit in camp in the shade with some handsewing to work on.


Hosen Pattern

A long, long time ago (now) Maitresse Muriel de Chimay explained to me how she went about making hosen. And I proceeded to do just that – make hosen for both M and me.

Last summer, I expanded my hosen knowledge quite a bit. First I took Broom’s hosen class (finally, after missing it at Pennsic a number of times) at Aecademy last July, and had a nice chat with him about 13th century underthings afterwards. Then I spent a fair bit of time last Pennsic hanging out with Muriel and Marcele in their merchant booth and, of course, talking tailoring shop. Anyway, in that discussion I learned that either Muriel had changed her hosen method since she first described it to me, or (more likely), I had simply misremembered it. So whereas I used to make my hosen as described here (pdf file), I am now going make them slightly differently. The major difference is that the leg of the hosen comes down further, and wraps around under the heel. This means that the seam that joins the leg and the foot together is vertical, rather than running from the back of the heel and up and over the instep.

In any case, I draped and drafted the pattern (my first! I’m so used to 13th century geometric shapes… it’s weird!) for M’s hosen last night. This is the same process I used to follow for every single pair of hosen that I made – why did it take until last summer for it to occur to me to make a stinking pattern? It is less fitted than I used to make them, to account for the fact that we’re attempting to switch to wool (which will stretch & shrink and stretch & shrink) for hosen (rather than the less-documentable linen we have been using). Here are the pattern pieces (leg, foot, and both):

Hosen pattern - leg (by sarahmichelef) Hosen pattern - foot (by sarahmichelef) Hosen pattern - Leg & Foot (by sarahmichelef)

It’s not totally clear from the pictures how these go together, I realize.  The foot gets sewn into a tube and then attached to the hole formed by the arch at the bottom of the leg.  That seam sits just in front of the top of the ankle (where the leg makes it’s 9oish-degree turn to become the foot).

Broom suggested in his class that the toes of hosen simply tapered to a point. I had always been making them with fitted toes, but we were also wearing modern shoes. Now that we’re wearing turnshoes I was GOING to try the tapered toe, but M has really oddly shaped feet and to leave them unshaped would have given him serious blisters (a constant problem for him at Pennsic). So I’m still going to fit the feet of his hosen to the angle of his toes; I might try the other way on some of my short hosen.

I’m planning to see if I can just use M’s hosen pattern for myself.  I think his legs are probably too much longer than mine for that to work, but it’s worth a shot.  If they don’t work for me, I’ll be drafting out my own hosen pattern, which will work for both short (girl) hosen and long (boy) hosen.

Benadryl comas, migraines, a dead car, a trip to UHaul in Youngstown.

Other than that, a fun event.  Relaxing, all things considered.  I didn’t fence at all, showed the split tunic at the Artisan’s Forum but I had forgotten my documentation and didn’t have room to bring a dress form, so it pretty much went unnoticed.  *shrug*  I did chat with Alexander and Ranvaigr about riding clothes, and M’Lord Prince and M’Lady Princess were interested in it.

And the new tent is lovely – snug for all three of us, but it’ll be plenty roomy for just the 2 of us at Pennsic.  And Shoshanna camped well.

AE 10 Year Anniversary

We will be there.  Camping who-knows-where, in the new ginormous ground pimple (it’s so big that I think it’s misleading to call it a pimple… let’s call it a boil, shall we?), with the kiddo.  Should be enteratining, that’s for sure.

I think I’ve decided to NOT pursue the Kingdom A&S championship.  I’m going to bring the split tunic and the documentation, but I don’t want the responsibilities of being a Champion right now.  And if you’re not willing to deal with the consequences of winning a competition, you shouldn’t enter.

I might have underestimated the amount of time the documentation was going to take to write, but it’s done and perfectly respectable. I just need to get a couple of shots of M in the garment, and then it’ll be completely done.

Went to BRT today… It was hot hot hot and sticky. But everyone had lots of fun, it seems. MNew Red Tunic (by sarahmichelef) played pickups with his new rig from Darkwood (we got the blade at Pennsic last year when he snapped one of his schlägers at the tang and the rest of the rig for his birthday) and I played in the fencing tourney (though not well…). I did one-shot Berhend in the head twice in a row. Watched a bit of the equestrian activities, and generally hung around.

And Shoshanna wore her new red tunic. It’s too big in the neckline, but that’s ok. Other than that, it fits her perfectly and she looked just too adorable. We did end up pulling it off of her when she got tootoo hot, but she was pretty comfy all day.

It was announced yesterday that the Aethelmearc A&S champs will be chosen at Ae 10-Year (which is at Cooper’s in 2 weeks).  Some of you may remember that last year I got my knickers in a twist because I couldn’t make my braies project fit the requirements (namely that there had to be an escarbuncle involved somehow – which of course led to the witticism of “Oops, I shat heraldry!”).

This year, there are no such restrictions. Bring your best thing and M’Lord King and M’Lady Queen will choose Their champion. No muss, no fuss. Initially, I thought “I have nothing to bring.” But then it occurred to me that I do have something that I would consider worthy of entry in a kingdom competition – I have M’s riding tunic. Of course, having time to polish up the documentation to a state that I’m willing to put out there is another issue. There’s an artisans forum as well, and really I should probably plan on participating in that, so maybe I’ll take the hour or two that it’ll take to get the docs into respectable shape and go with it. Who knows, maybe I could be A&S champ of my second kingdom… Wouldn’t THAT be amusing.