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Due to the increased compression of time (seriously, what is UP with the time speed-up?!?!?) I will, as always, not be getting my full pre-Pennsic sewing list done.  (I know you’re all TERRIBLY disappointed in me.)  I WILL finish a new pair of woolen hosen for Matatias (one is done except for an eyelet for the points, the other is cut out and assembly won’t take terribly long) and I will make a linen-lined woolen tunic for him, so that he has full woolen kit for the Authentic Accoutrements rapier tourney.  He says there’s no point in making him a second rapier undergarment, so I’m not going to do that.  In addition to doing those two things, I’m going to start on another pair of short hosen for me (red linen) and cut out two new smocks to take along as hand sewing.