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I’m in the market for (read: planning to make) a pair of 13th century pattens…  the MoL’s Shoes and Pattens is fairly unhelpful (there’s one pair and they’re platform-y, which I’m not super-thrilled about).  Suggestions for other sources, ideas about construction techniques, etc?


Pennsic Post-Mortem

I was conned into displaying in the A&S display – really didn’t take much conning, actually. I displayed the split tunic and Matatias’ new blue hosen, which I had finished on Sunday evening. The feedback on both items was overwhelmingly positive, and I had a lot of interesting discussions about various aspects of clothing construction. I was most often asked about the lining on the hosen – why I’d lined the top (“Broom said to”) and why I’d lined the foot (“Matatias wears out the toes of his hosen super-duper-extra fast so I’d have to reinforce them anyway.”). (I’ll be posting more about those hosen sometime soonish…)

There were a number of pieces I was particularly impressed with in the A&S display… Someone in Drachenwald made a lovely garderobe (the coat that shows up all over the 13th century iconography, which I want because I don’t like cloaks AND which is interesting because it has an attached hood). There was some gorgeous decorative beadwork, and some opus anglicanum / split stitch embroidery that was to die for.

Other handsewing that got started but not finished while at War: a new rectangular veil and band (wore the band; the veil’s not hemmed yet) and a new smock (the seaming’s all done, but none of the seams are finished).

Made my first attempt at wearing wool in hot weather, and it went quite nicely. I didn’t wear the wool on the hottest days, but it was still pretty warm on Friday and I was as comfortable as I was going to be.

Matatias’ rapier armor was done in time for the Authentic Accoutrements tournament.

Matatias presents himself (by sarahmichelef)Matatias & Edmund (by sarahmichelef) 13th century judicial duel vs. 14th century German longsword (by sarahmichelef)

As you can see, he looks ever-so-cute. And he won “best kit” for the tourney, as well as most authentic fighting style, but I can’t take any credit for that one. I will, however, take credit for dressing him.