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St. Francis Tunic

Thanks to the lovely dreda, I have been made aware of a surviving tunic that may or may not have been worn by St. Francis of Assisi.

Whether or not it’s a saint’s relic, I don’t so much care about.  What has me all a-twitter is the construction of the side of the garment.  Whereas most folks seem to be constructing their garments with a square gusset in the armpit, lending ease to both the chest and the upper sleeve at the same time, this one is different.  Look closely at the picture.  The gusset in the sleeve is triangular, not unlike what we see in the “Nockert Type 4” garments (of which the “greenland”/ten-gore gown is one example), but in the underside of the sleeve rather than the back.  Obviously this lends no ease to the body. For that, the side gores appear to come all the way up to the top of that gusset, or maybe even higher (it looks like it comes higher on the left side of the picture, or about even with the gusset/sleeve seam on the right side).

I don’t know how well this would work for a busty lady, but I may just try it on my next smock! My hunch is that it may work much better than the method I’ve been using to produce the very full body/armpit area so characteristic of 13th century clothing.

(Of course, then there’s the issue of Italian vs. English, but let’s let me have my moment of geeky excitement, shall we?)


I have been remiss…

Well, actually, I’ve been busy with modern concerns. But that’s neither here nor there.

M and I were made rapier marshals at Summer’s End. Hooray!

Textile guild is planning to make new Baronial banners (silk, appliquéd dragons, they will be AWESOME) for Investiture in December.