Archive for February 29th, 2008

I have finally been pushed to get off my rear and write up a handout on braies.  I’m hoping to have it done by the beginning of next week – will post when I do.

Ice Dragon is coming up, and Beau Fleuve is hosting spring coronation/Queen’s Rapier at a mostly-outdoor site in April.  I refuse to let my kid run around at an event in her parka.  This week, I took her to JoAnn’s to pick out some fleece to line a “coat” for her (she picked a minty/seafoamy green).  It won’t be documentable, but it will be something other than a minty/seafoamy nylon parka (huh… wonder if that’s why she picked that lining color – it’s the same as her parka!).  My plan is to effectively make a tunic with a split front that I will put some sort of closures on (probably toggles).

I was reminded last weekend that much of my medieval clothing was made when I weighed about 35 pounds more than I do now.  Seriously – I wore my green linen cyclas over my red linen gown… I looked about 7 months pregnant (not that I know what I would look like seven months pregnant, but that’s a different blog…).  Won’t be wearing the green cyclas without belting it anymore – and will be using this as the impetus to get sewing on the next thing I’m making for me: a mauve/purple wool twill gown.  It will be lined in white damask (I’ll be taking apart my white damask gown for this purpose – I never wear it anyway) and will have button cuffs.  I’m excited about it – adding the detail of lining the wool and doing the button cuffs will bring it two steps closer to looking like the illustrations.  After that (and after I finish the smock that I’ve been working on since last Pennsic) I’m going to try doing a smock using the layout in the St. Francis tunic I posted about a while back.