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I washed the wool for my mauve gown (A&S 50 challenge project #10) this afternoon. The damask for the lining is all prepped (read: ripped apart; it’s an old gown that I hadn’t worn in ages and couldn’t document for a number of reasons); I don’t know if there will be quite enough and I’m still thinking about how I’m going to do the lining. I’m thinking I might actually do front and back gores in this one, set into center seams. And I’m going to put button cuffs on it – haven’t done stuffed buttons in YEARS, so I’ll have to re-learn that.

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#9 Complete

Finished up Shoshanna’s sideless Friday night, and it fits her perfectly and looks OH SO CUTE.  I didn’t manage to get any pictures, of course, but I will next time I get it on her.

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Shoshanna and I trekked (and I do mean trekked… I think it was the furthest I’ve ever traveled within my home group to get to an event.  (OK, maybe I traveled further in Nordskogen, but I don’t remember for sure… M quibbled that TECHNICALLY WW was an “in barony” event, but he’s a quibbler.)  The site was a YMCA camp right on Lake Ontario… and the weather forecast was for a high of 49 and intermittent showers.  I had us outfitted in lots of layers (modern warm undergarments, smock, tunic, woolen gown, coif and woolen hoods on each of us, plus modern winter boots).  As it turned out, the weather was chilly but not awful – it only sprinkled a little bit mid-afternoon, not even enough to force the fencers inside.  The only quibble with the site was the fact that there just wasn’t enough parking – we ended up out on the main road which was a bit of a trick with an exhausted 3 year old at the end of the day.

For us, it was a very laid back event.  We wandered about playing with various kids S’s age, drawing pictures, watching fencing and fighting, watching kite flying, me trying to keep her out of the mud TOO much.  And, because M’s plane kept being delayed, we actually stayed for all of First Court before heading out.  Shoshanna of course passed out within 15 minutes of me putting her in the car.

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Construction is done, seams are finished except for the seam/armhole finish on one side. It is not as long on her as I’d hoped (it just hits the floor right now) but it is PLENTY big around – so much so that I’m going to be pleating in the tops of the gores; I think it’ll be an interesting (and plausible?) detail on the garment.

She is super-excited about the fact that we are going to MATCH!

Kids’ clothing is such a balancing act between accuracy and pragmatism. I have no problem with her wearing things that are miles too big or really getting quite short… but I do wonder how kids’ clothes were managed in the 13th century. Of course, there probably weren’t so many only children running around in 1281 so there was always someone to inherit from or pass on to.


Shoshanna and I will be at Aethelmearc coronation next weekend, and we’re counting on the weather being coolish. Since her brown flannel tunic is getting too small on her and I’m not sure that the cotton smock, red linen tunic, and coat will not be enough. I had been intending to make her a tunic or cyclas to match our brown wool striped ones and this seemed like a good time. So last night I cut it out and sewed the gores together; I had forgotten just how ravelly the wool is so I felled them open. And since each gore is 4 pieces, that was a lot of seaming and felling. This morning I cut out the neck and the facing. Since I did the seam finishes on the machine I’ll probably just do the whole thing by machine, which I rarely do.

I’m hoping that this will fit her for a good long time, so I made the gores really wide across the top to give it a lot of room in the body – I’ll try it on her and if it’s WAY too huge I’ll put a quick pleat into the top of each of the gores to take it in before I face the arm openings.

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