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I keep mentioning the award medallions I’m working on, so I went ahead and scanned the two that are done.  For the non-AEthelmeartians, that’s a Keystone (AoA-level service) and a Millrind (Grant-level service).  The Millstone is the one that was getting all the attention at the Pennsic A&S display; the spirally background was kind of an experiment in giving the background (it’s a fieldless badge) more visual interest.

Right now I’m working on a Millrind on a red background, where the background “pattern” is more in line with what you find in extant Opus Anglicanum pieces. At some point I’ll bite the bullet and start doing OA medallions – an OA Keystone would be stunning, since that’s on a gold field anyway (it’s one of the few AE badges that aren’t fieldless).

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More Mauve Gown

It’s all basted and pressed, and I sewed the first half of the shoulder seam tonight.  I’m getting into a groove with using the gleaned threads – you just can’t take any of the sewing shortcuts I’m used to doing.  It means the construction will be slower than usual but not too bad.  Though… there are a LOT of long seams in this dress – it’s got eight gores (front, back, three in each side), one of which is in two pieces.  I added two more gores to each side because I didn’t think there was going to be enough fullness in hem or in the body as  I cut it originally.

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Yeah, I’m doing it again.  Musing on entering the Ice Dragon pent.  Yes, I’ve lost my mind, why do you ask?  Blame Mistress Rhiannon, she talked me into it.  I’ll definitely be entering some things, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a pent together.  As of right now (based on last year’s categories), my best-case entry would look like this:

  1. Clothing (pre-1400): mauve gown
  2. Needlework: embroidered medallions
  3. Heraldic display: embroidered medallions.
  4. Fiber arts: fingerloop or TW edging for the medallions
  5. Literary arts: braies research paper

Of those I am going to really push to get the gown done and it shouldn’t be a big deal to finish off a medallion or two between now and the end of March.  As with the Pennsic A&S display, I think it’s hilarious that the medallions get me 3 categories and the gown only gets me one.  I’m not going to kill myself to get the research paper done, though.

Gah.  I can’t believe I’m seriously considering a pent AGAIN.  Didn’t I do all this insanity five years ago and swear I was done forever and ever amen?

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Obligatory Pennsic Recap

We went, we warred, we got sunburned and ate lots of cobbler and ice cream and drank more than our share of Raven (and came home with another bottle).  I didn’t fence at all, but M did, and quite well (he took second in the EK Tourney and also fought in the field battle, woods battle, Battle of Tortuga… and maybe other stuff that I’ve forgotten).  Five days really doesn’t feel like long enough to be at Pennsic, but it was what we could manage this year what with getting the kiddo to Camp Grammy and all.

I went to a couple of classes.  Eleazar ha Levi’s class on Jewish women was interesting; I finally managed to get to Mistress Bricia’s opus anglicanum class and have determined that I have all the skills I need to do that style of embroidery (well, except DRAWING – I’ll have to co-opt an artist if I decide to do anything with people or animals in it); I just need to get up the courage to buy some gold thread and actually DO it.  I also helped Hugh with one of the A&S 50 info meetings, which was fun.  I missed Maestra Isabel’s class on handsewing techniques from extant 13th century garments because I was planning to go to the Friday afternoon session and then as I was getting ready to leave for the class M charged into camp and informed me that our friend Fergus was getting his White Scarf before the rapier woods battle (which was scheduled to start at the same time as Isabel’s class) and so I went off to the woods to see that instead, and it was brilliant.  Catlin went, though, and brought me back examples of the seam techniques, and I will e-mail Isabel for handouts.

The A&S display was amazing, as always.  I got a lot of good feedback on my display, which I ended up calling “Alianor’s 13th century Miscellanea”.  I had out my brown linen hosen, the bits and pieces of the mauve gown, and two pieces of embroidery that are destined to be award medallions (one Keystone and one Millrind).  The embroidery got the most attention, actually, which amuses me since that’s really just my busywork.  But it’s kinda shiny and I feel like more people understand that I had a good conversation with Mistress Rhiannon and she convinced me that I should enter Ice Dragon this year – I MAY be able to put together a pent (thoughts on that in another post) but even if I don’t I’ll enter the new stuff I have (the mauve gown will be done by then, plus the embroidered medallions, the brown hosen…).

We saw lots of people, too many to name, which is the REAL reason for going to Pennsic.  To see people and to get away from the real world for while – on Friday night the conversation over cobbler turned to the Presidential election and I realized that I hadn’t thought about world affairs for almost a whole week and that I’d been really really HAPPY in my ignorance.

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