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I gave up.  I CAN sew with the threads gleaned from the fabric, but I was getting too frustrated with them breaking, and I could only sew at about 1/3 my normal speed.  Since I’m kind of on a deadline for this gown (yeah, I know, the deadline is six months away, but I have other things going on in my life, too) and realistically I only sew one evening a week (that whole teaching + dissertation problem that I have), I needed to be able to do it faster.

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Summer’s End

We trotted off to Summer’s End this morning and had an enjoyable day.  I picked up my blades for the first time in close to a year, and while my legs and lungs are in the best shape they’ve ever been, my bladework is … pathetic at best.  But hey, I didn’t lose out in the round-robin portion of the tourney, and I had fun.  And my back (which decided, in a fit of spite, to spasm this morning) cooperated and let me fight the tourney as well as some pickups before and after.

There ended up being no A&S competition so the fact that I got up at 6:30 in the morning to put together some slap-dash documentation for my embroidered award medallions was wasted.*

In a fit of “some things never change”, Matatias and I have volunteered to be the adults-of-record for a young lady named Rose, who is a first-year college student here in Buffalo (but not yet 18) and whose dad we have known slightly for years back in the East.  It’s been YEARS since we dragged a minor (other than our own kid) to an event with us!

There was a HUGE contingent of under-five kids at the event today, which meant that they were all pretty well entertained.  There was Shoshanna, of course, her friend L (who is three months younger), then P (9 months younger), R (about the same age as P), K (just recently 2), and T (P’s little sister).  Phew.  There were squabbles over toys, but in general they played together pretty well with minimal adult intervention.  AND the one really organized children’s activity was a pinata (the theme of the event was the Spanish Inquisition – and yes, the jokes were made.  A lot.) which these kids all LOVED.  Phil had the kids line up according to size to take turns swinging at it, which meant that Shoshanna went fourth.  It wasn’t until they got to the 10-12 set that the thing got busted open.  Phil controlled the danger of the mad scramble by letting the little kids get their candy first before he yelled “charge” at the bigger kids.

Other than the fencing, there was a lot of hanging out and schmoozing and generally relaxing, which is just what one wants out of a small local event.

*I really was up at about 6:30 this morning writing documentation, but I did not get up at 6:30 specifically to write the documentation.  I just wrote instead of paying any attention to BunnyTown or The Wiggles Show.

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