The Pax has been Interruptus-ed

Interrupted?  Anyway… Pax was our only chance to camp this summer, since we’re not going to Pennsic.  Somehow we had never managed to get to Pax over the last three years despite it being only an hour away.

So we headed out Friday afternoon, got all set up and did some visiting on Friday night before we had to wrestle Shoshanna into bed.  Saturday we got up, did more visiting, and M went off to fence.  S and I wandered about and played with the various friends she had made and then she crashed for a nap by 11:30 am.  After she woke up M was done fencing and we headed up to the field to watch the fighting and hang out with friends up there.  While we were doing all that Catlin, aka Tall Child and the poor sad post-surgical Kip made it to the event so they joined in the hanging-out.  I think Kip made friends with every person on site.

I also started teaching Shoshanna stem stitch embroidery, which she is really enjoying.  I’ll have to scan her first “project” when she finishes it.


  1. Chrisilin

    Kip did indeed make friends with just about everyone on site, tall and small alike. Currently, he’s making friends with the benadryl. yum yum! Was awesome to see you and fam 🙂

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