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We went out to Aethelmearc 12th Night on Saturday.  The big excitement was twofold: First, that Shoshanna was going to her first feast.  (Thanks, Fridrikr, for making feast early so that the kid could stay – she loved it!)  Second, that Connor and his new lady Margaret were going to be there.  Shoshanna adores Connor.

We had a lovely pleasant afternoon chatting with lots and lots of people, Shoshanna playing with the other kids who were there, and having an extremely plentiful dinner that included two fish subtleties (because not everyone likes fish).  Shoshanna (and Matatias!) sat happily through an hour and a half of court which included some lovely schtick and well-deserved awards.  And afterwards, there was dancing, in which Shoshanna and I both participated.  Heralds in Love, though, is not a great dance for five year olds – too complicated!