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The festival of the passing of the Ice DragonIt’s official: the Ice Dragon has once again passed. This year’s event was at the Connecticut Street Armory and OH! but we should use that site again.  Yes, there’s only on-street parking but… I left the site at 11:30 to go pick M up at work and when we got back we were able to park less than a block from the front entrance.  (I confess that my knowledge of the area is better than most people’s, since I’ve worked at D’Youville College, which is right across the street.)  Tiercelin and her peeps all did a spectacular job.

None of us had anything entered in the Pent this year and I don’t think Shoshanna even went into the pent room.  She was too busy chasing around with Lily, Elizabeth, Philip, Teresa, Kate, and Katrina.  (Such a motley crew of kids they are, I love it.)  There were SUCH beautiful things this year.  Elisabeth, Odrianna, and I put our heads together and chose the four we liked best for the Minister’s Prize(s): Caleb’s fork paper, Katla’s dog collar, Project Carl’s block-printed child’s tunic, and Herr Tannen’s (did I get that name right? I don’t remember it off the top of my head) shortbread subtlety.  As the winner, Caleb received 3 pounds of bacon which Elisabeth sent someone to hunt at Wilson’s Farm.  H.E. was good enough to share with His Majesty as well as with His Majesty Ealdormere, who was in attendance.