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I have so many things that I need to get done before Pennsic – and we’re not even going again this year!  But I have promised lots of things to lots of people by the end of July.  And so I sew…

First up is Catlin’s riding tunic ’cause it’s the most-delayed.  I’m making really good progress on it, actually – as of right now both sleeves are in.  I just have to put the gores in and hem it!  In is process, though, I had to fix one of the perils of cutting two layers of fabric at the same time: the funky cut.
There were two spots like this on the body panels, where I’d had wrinkles when I cut the fabric and so there was a bit where the cut wasn’t straight and the not-straight-bit went deeper into the body of the fabric than I could fix with my enclosed seam treatment.  I did the obvious thing: I patched it.  I did this in two different ways.  First, I just applied a conventional patch:
I lined up the raw edge, turned the others under, and stitched it down. This is functional. It could have been much smaller, actually, but it works.

For the second one, I tried a more understated approach.
Can you even see it? This is a very narrow strip, applied the “wrong way” with a running stitch and then folded over and tacked down.  Same effect, less bulk.  It ends up barely showing at all, even on the inside of the garment.