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…that people’s arms don’t get smaller at a linear rate? That the bicep and the elbow are often just about the same size? Since I have started making more fitted-sleeve tunics I have had to contend with this realization. But now that I’ve had (and blogged) it I hope that I won’t soon forget it.

In other news, we had a big ol’ Pennsic Panic sewing session for textile guild last night. We ended up with more helpers than we did helpees but I helped Muirgel put buttonholes (all hail my buttonhole attachment) on a gown and Kate and Dicea broke my brain as I watched them lay out & cut a tunic for Phil.


Catlin’s tunic is half hemmed and I have reached saturation. I can’t look at it without seeing all the things that I think of as flaws. Putting it on the dress form and stepping back helps some but not entirely. I should have it done tomorrow night, though, at which point I will do my best to get the cat hairs off of it (we gained a feline family member this week, and she immediately made herself right at home on top of whatever sewing was in my lap in the evening), take pictures, and pack it up for delivery at Pennsic.


Aaaand Caleb’s hosen are done. The kiddo and I went to practice tonight and I finished off the toes to fit his feet. No pictures because, well… Plain linen hosen. I didn’t do anything new or interesting on them. I’ll get a picture of them on him at some point. I had forgotten, though, exactly how quickly hosen go together when you have a pattern for them.

Now I’m working on hemming Catlin’s riding tunic. Getting the hems on these things even is a giant pain.

And THEN when I have that done I still have a smock and gown for Magdalena.

How is it that the past two years I have not gone to Pennsic and yet I have Pennsic Panic nonetheless?

Catlin’s riding tunic is nearly done – I just need to hem it and finish the sleeves. Oh, and pull out all the basting.

Caleb’s hosen, which I cut out on Friday so that I could work on them yesterday at Pax, are over half done (the first one is completely together, just needs the toe seam done and the hole for the points; the second one has the lining in and I’m in the process of doing the topstitching on the upper edge).

Still completely un-touched are Magdalena’s gowns, but they are going to be machine-sewn so they won’t take nearly as long.

Maybe I’ll even have time to make my kid a new tunic one of these days! She needs one desperately; her overdress is barely knee length at this point.