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After ages and ages… Catlin’s riding tunic is done.  She even put it in the Pennsic A&S display for me.

Catlin's Tunic - Side View


The fashion layer is lightweight wool that Catlin dyed – I don’t know the details, maybe she can fill us in.  The lining is medium-weight linen, and it’s hand-sewn with linen thread.  Documentation is here.


Scottish Fest Demo is Saturday.  (Come out and play!  It’s oodles of fun!)  None of Shoshanna’s clothes fit her (mostly in the length).  Logic dictates that at 10:15 on Wednesday night I’m digging around in the fabric that Honnoria gifted me with to make clothes for the kid because I can’t for the life of me figure out where the lavender fustian went.  Thankfully there was a 2 yard hunk of gorgeous blue/green linen in there, so that’s going to become a tunic for Shoshanna between now and Saturday morning.  Because I’m awesome like that.