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Shoshanna is obsessed with Vikings.  It’s crazy… she gravitates towards any woman in an apron dress.  The bling doesn’t hurt, but I don’t think it’s the only thing she likes about it.

Shoshanna also really wants to learn to sew.  I promised her ages ago that I would teach her to use the machine when she turned six, and we planned for her to make her own apron dress, on the theory that the standard pattern would be very easy to modify to be just straight seams.  (We’re doing it as three trapezoids.)

Well, guess what.  Shoshanna turned six on Saturday, and that afternoon I taught her to thread the machine, pin and sew a straight seam, and zig zag a raw edge.  Within about 45 minutes she had produced her very own pincushion.

Viking Apron Dress Drawing

Artist's Rendering of a Viking Apron Dress

Yesterday I taught her to sew a single fold hem and then we plotted out the cutting diagram for her
apron dress.  When we’d done that I asked her if she wanted to do some research about what Viking dresses looked like when there were real Vikings.  She said yes and I wandered over to Thora Sharptooth’s “Quick and Dirty Viking Women’s Garb…”.  She grabbed a stack of paper and a marker and informed me that she was going to take notes, which she did.  Then we turned the notes into a document in which she explained what she learned in her own words and I typed it up, and then we looked at pictures of other people’s apron dresses.  She decided she needed to draw one of her own and so of course we included that in her documentation, too.