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The circumference of the instep of my right foot is just a TITCH bigger than the circumference of my left foot.

Why does this matter, you ask?  Because I’m making hosen, OBVIOUSLY.  I’m using the pattern that I made up when I made the brown fustian ones but tailoring it a bit more because those brown ones are a little baggy.  I’m using the same pink wool that the mauve gown is being made out of* and I’m really loving it.  The fit is so much nicer with wool than it is with linen, because the fibers themselves stretch just a bit as well as stretching on the bias.  Anyway, because I fit the toes on my hosen, they are foot-specific.  But since you’re working with them inside out, obviously you are fitting to the OTHER foot.  If your feet are close to the same size, this doesn’t matter.  Apparently I just hit the threshold of “same size” with the one finished sock, though… I can’t really feel the instep seam when it’s inside out on my left foot, but I can definitely feel it when it’s right side out on my right.  I’ll have to try to remember that for next time I’m making myself socks.

The only other thing I’m making for myself for my elevation is a smock, which will be along the lines of the St. Francis tunic (I’ve been wanting to try that layout for quite a while).  I’ve got the fabric for that washed and pressed and my plan is to get it cut out before our holiday travels, so that I can work on it while we’re out and about.

In other news, I’ve given M permission to include the phrase “Maker of Hose” as he heralds for my elevation, but vetoed “expert in what goes on below the waist”.  “Her Fruits gird our loins” is still up for debate.

*No, it’s not done yet.  I patterned it when I weighed quite a bit less than I do right now and working on it when it doesn’t fit is just too depressing.  However, as an added bonus, there is going to be enough of the fabric left to make a dress for Shoshanna.

ETA: I realized I never posted here.  My vigil and elevation will be at Bears Event in Stormsport on February 26th.