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Spring Aecademy

A couple of weeks ago Tiercelin and I piled into her mom’s car and headed to West Virginia for Aecademy. (I know, right? ROAD TRIP IN TIERCELIN’S MOM’S CAR!) We crashed with William, Irene, and David in Pittsburgh on Friday night and ¬†went the rest of the way Saturday morning.

They really were.I went to a couple of fun classes and did some very intensive Sitting Around Eating and Chatting With People. Also, whoever labeled the food on the sideboard had a good sense of humor. Count Sir Jehan’s class on witchcraft trials engaged my sociological brain – the women who were accused, at least in the cases he was focusing on in this class, were all Other in some way – it was really clear that the accusations of witchcraft were a mechanism of social control. And then for a complete change of pace, I went to a couple of scribal classes. Tried my hand at calligraphy for the first time in probably 2o years. Got a nice hand cramp for it, too, but it was good fun.

It's dawning on him that something is amiss....Court was short but sweet (which we appreciated because we were driving all the way home – about six hours – that evening). We recognized Mistress Julianna Delamere as a Fellow of the Aecademy. And then we also got the answer to the question, “Who is the third elevation that’s happening at Pax?” It’s Fridrikr! He will be contemplating elevation to the Order of the Laurel for his Norse research. So now I’m doubly-sad that I won’t be there to see him and Cynwyl elevated. Sigh.