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  1. Svankáta Matteusdottir was the name winner.
  2. Said Svankáta won the youth A&S at Ice Dragon last weekend with her dyed & felted wool.
  3. She declared last night that she wants to make a viking coat for next year’s Ice Dragon entry. I dug through the short-yardage stash that I got from Honnoria a couple of years ago and found several yards of grey wool (possibly a  blend) and some reddish flannel. Yes, the kiddo is going to make herself a lined coat (probably just going to line the body) for Ice Dragon next year.
  4. I also found in the same box some good hunks to make her some more clothes, particularly a lighter-weight apron dress and a new dress. Plus I’m going to be letting out her existing apron dress, letting down her blue tunic, and putting new sleeves on her yellow tunic. Because the not making her any new clothes in 2 1/2 years is catching up with me.