Oh hey, is this thing on?

I suddenly find myself wanting to sew things again.

I patterned some new tunics for Caleb for his elevation to the Pelican in March, as well as making him a new pairs of braies, 2 pairs of hosen (white linen for his vigil and khaki wool for the elevation itself), and a coif.

Svankáta needs a new apron dress – the blue striped one is already too small and the seam allowances aren’t big enough to let it out without risking it falling apart. So that’s priority one… I have enough mauve wool left over from the abandoned tunic for me so that’s that.

I’m also in a place right now where the only decent 13th century clothes I have are my elevation clothes. Everything else is kind of falling apart. But I got some gorgeous green silk twill as an elevation gift, I think from Eilis. Last night I was thinking I should make a tunic out of it and line it with some truly obnoxious orange but today I’m thinking instead I should make a slightly less obnoxious orange tunic and make the green twill and overgrown lined in something normal to wear over it.


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