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The kid has decided that she DEFINITELY wants to be a Viking.

And she wants a name. Shoshanna bat Matatiahu is no longer cutting it for her.

So I’m spending some time with the Viking Answer Lady‘s name listings, looking for things that sound simliar enough to her modern name that it will be easy for her to remember.

Her byname will be Matteusdottír.

I have five possibilities for her to consider… Stay tuned… I’d like to have it picked in time for her to put it on her Ice Dragon documentation.


Yes, we’re going.

No, I’m not scrambling to do a million things before we go. Neither of us need major new clothing. I’m working on a couple of new sherts for Matatias. Last night I mended 2 pairs of his hosen (I swear his feet are made of files). I need to look over my clothes and see what needs mending but probably I’ll do the actual mending once we’re there.

Basically, even though for the first time in ages I have to actually make myself a calendar for my vacation (consequences of being a Kingdom Officer and all), I’m not going crazy about it.

So often people get recognized with awards, especially higher-level ones, right when they’re on the cusp of burnout… they’ve been pushing hard on a big project or something, and folks noticed and recognized them for it, and then the recipient falls down and goes boom. That certainly was the case for me seven years ago when I apprenticed, was inducted into the Order of the Maunche, and became Kingdom A&S Champion all within the space of six weeks. I fell down and went boom… I had finished the Edith gown project and was just… done. And then I got pregnant and had a micropreemie and then we moved to Aethelmearc…

I’m really fortunate this time that the Crown chose to recognize me at a moment when I feel like I’m on an upswing in my SCA work. I just took the KMoAS office and I’m really excited about that, people are starting to be really interested in 13th century clothes and wearing 13th century underwear, and I have all these great projects that I want to do in my mind. So yes – I WILL be displaying (not entering) the St. Francis smock at Ice Dragon this weekend. I have a huge queue of clothing to make… now that I have a fillet hat I want to try making one (but probably not for myself… I don’t need two Ridiculous Hats). I feel like I’m FINALLY brave enough to try real opus anglicanum embroidery, and I just rediscovered and bought more thread for a blackwork sweetbag that I was working on when I was pregnant. And of course I’m going to keep working on my A&S 50 challenge (next up: new smock for the kiddo, since probably 90% of the time she decides that she’s hot and ends up running around events in her underwear anyway).

So… that’s what’s next.

What does this say about the Chivalry?

A discussion started the other day in a friend’s LiveJournal about the … lack of transparency involved in elevation to the Peerages, particularly to the Order of the Laurel (in large part because the friend who started the discussion is herself a Laurel).  I’m still attempting to work through my thoughts on the matter…  it’s been a REALLY interesting discussion.  My slightly more coherent thoughts are behind the jump. Continue Reading »

Alianor de Ravenglas.  Device.  Argent, a bend azure between two ravens, a chief sable.


Matatias filius Lie Blunde.  Device.  Argent, a Hebrew letter “resh” and a chief sable.

This is clear of the device of Arthur of the Fen, Argent, a fleam sable and in dexter three gouttes de sang one and two, reblazoned elsewhere in this letter. There is a CD for the addition of the chief and a CD for the removal of the three gouttes, which are large enough in this case to be considered secondaries.
There were some commenters who called for this submission to be returned because the character is not drawn as an actual resh symbol, since the ascender is not perfectly vertical. Some research turns up a 13th century Ashkenazic Haggadah (at, which has non-horizontal ascenders for all the characters, other medieval Haggadah which have curved ascenders, and an immediately post-period “Venice” Haggadah ( has the resh characters very nearly matching this submission. They are definitely not lameds, which also appear in the text. Since the character is an abstract symbol, which we do not grant difference between, and it is close enough to period depictions of the character, it is registerable.
Please inform the submitter that they may wish to draw a more vertical ascender on the character in future depictions.

M is sure to grump about the commentary on his, but hey – they both passed, hooray!

I seem to have a huge pile of projects all in the works at once right now… not that I mind, it’s just a little crazy.

I’m sending an A&S display item to Crown even though we’re not going.  That will be Matatias’ brown riding tunic – I had to do some mending on it last night because the topstitching on the neckline had broken in one place, but it’s repaired & washed.  I need to check/update the docs for it, though.

I’m also working on Caleb’s rapier armor.  It’s going to be my usual 2-layer undergarment with a fashion layer overgarment.  He has chosen brown with black bands for the fashion layer and white for the undergarments.  His hosen will be black as well.  I cut a bunch of bias bands for the trim last night.  When we get to the point that I’m going to drape his hosen pattern, I think I’m going to turn it into a workshop – Alicia wants to see how I do them and at that point we might as well just have a bunch of people over.  It’s not like I don’t have the handouts for it!

Finally, I’m working on Catlin’s riding tunic.  I’m repeating the seaming technique I used on the first riding tunic, only without whip-stitching the fashion and lining fabrics together first.  So far I have done about 6″ of seam on one set of gores.  I couldn’t find my wax last night so it wasn’t going as fast as I would have liked.  My GOAL is to have that done by Pennsic so it can be displayed and then delivered to her there.

ETA:  Heh, I forgot that I also have a tunic of His Majesty’s to do some work on.  Thank goodness for my handy to-do list, eh?

When you are consistently puncturing your finger with the eye end of the needle, it is time to stop sewing.

That said, the mauve gown now has a front gore & seam and I’ve attached both halves of the back gore and am in the process of sewing the back seam.  Or I was until my finger skin decided to be too weak to stand up to the blunt end of the needle.

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As in the past 2 years, we are having a cavalcade of houseguests making their way from Points East to Pennsic.  This year is the Most Houseguests Ever – we will have 3 folks here tomorrow night, 2 more Saturday night, 3 a week from Friday, and… I think 4 on Saturday the 9th.  Oh, and did I mention that I will be making a quick trip to OK to drop of Shoshanna at Camp Grammy during that time, too?  The life of transplanted easterners who live 10 minutes off the NYS Thruway and 3 hours from Currie Road. And are suckers.

I’ve got most most of the body panels for the mauve gown basted together (lining & fashion layers).  Still have to work out what I’m going to do with the gores – I definitely need to cut more of them, and I won’t have enough damask to line ANY of the gores in it.  I had been planning to use an IL019 linen for the remaining lining, but now I’m thinking I’m going to use a white fustian I have lying around because it’s closer in weight to the damask.  But I’ll jump off that bridge… sometime next week, I guess, since I want to at least have all the pieces cut out before we go to war, if not basted.  (Basted would be the ideal but … I have a three-and-a-half-year-old to entertain and packing to do for us and her as well as houseguests and a dissertation that I’m theoretically working on.)

If you’re looking for me at Pennsic, I’ll be there War Week; we’re camping with the Barony of Bergental, and I’ll be at the A&S exhibition pretty much all day… I’ll probably leave to go watch rapier champs.  Can’t miss that.

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So many of us say that one reason we play in the SCA is for those magic moments, the ones when you’re transported to another time, another place.  Whether you call this “The Dream” or something else, it’s a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do.  I remember my first “magic moment”; it was at my very first camping event, Schützenfest.  It was May of 1999 (I know because Matatias and I had gotten engaged just a couple of weeks before).  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I had to get up to go to the loo.  There were still some folks up singing and drumming, and I had to walk across a field shrouded in fog to get to the privy.

I had another magic moment this afternoon, sitting in a nylon camp chair on my back porch.  Nope, I don’t even have to be at an event to be transported.  I was whiling away Shoshanna’s rest time working on my mauve gown in the warm out of doors and I held the sleeve i was working on in my hand, studying some stitches I had just put in, and for a split second it was like I was sitting there holding an historical artifact in my hand.  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a medieval garment that looked just like what I’ve done, but there was a quality about it that said “I am Not Modern” that was just wonderful.

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