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Spring Aecademy

A couple of weeks ago Tiercelin and I piled into her mom’s car and headed to West Virginia for Aecademy. (I know, right? ROAD TRIP IN TIERCELIN’S MOM’S CAR!) We crashed with William, Irene, and David in Pittsburgh on Friday night and  went the rest of the way Saturday morning.

They really were.I went to a couple of fun classes and did some very intensive Sitting Around Eating and Chatting With People. Also, whoever labeled the food on the sideboard had a good sense of humor. Count Sir Jehan’s class on witchcraft trials engaged my sociological brain – the women who were accused, at least in the cases he was focusing on in this class, were all Other in some way – it was really clear that the accusations of witchcraft were a mechanism of social control. And then for a complete change of pace, I went to a couple of scribal classes. Tried my hand at calligraphy for the first time in probably 2o years. Got a nice hand cramp for it, too, but it was good fun.

It's dawning on him that something is amiss....Court was short but sweet (which we appreciated because we were driving all the way home – about six hours – that evening). We recognized Mistress Julianna Delamere as a Fellow of the Aecademy. And then we also got the answer to the question, “Who is the third elevation that’s happening at Pax?” It’s Fridrikr! He will be contemplating elevation to the Order of the Laurel for his Norse research. So now I’m doubly-sad that I won’t be there to see him and Cynwyl elevated. Sigh.


Pennsic, Extra-Large

It’s true. We went. There’s even some photographic evidence of it floating around, though we didn’t take our camera so the only pictures I have are a couple of phone ones that I took to send to KayLeigh when Matatias drew Little Antonio (now called Anthony) and then Don Robert in the Ansteorran tourney.

I … didn’t really do much. Participated in the Bergental Combat Costuming Brigade, which got Pagan dressed for her elevation. Went to various meetings related to being KMOAS. Watched some battles, watched some fencing. Rapier Champs was the best-fought, most chivalrous champions tourney I’ve ever seen.

The A&S display was… mind boggling, as always. Baronsteffan has pics in his Flickr stream starting here and going backwards. The personaly highlight for me was Magistra Sigrid Briansdotter’s display that included SIXTEENTH CENTURY BRAS! She constructed them based on finds in Innsbruck, Austria (as detailed here). The most pertinent quote from that abstract… the one that makes me squeal delightedly, is this one.

Amid them were several nearly complete linen bras and fragments of corselettes, some rather coarsely made others more elaborately decorated with plaited borders and sprang worked parts. One of the bras even has a rather modern look.

Other than that… it was a lovely relaxing week with rather good weather (HOT in the beginning of the week, some rain but most of it at night, and then cooler) and lots of hanging out with friends and seeing LOADS of people get recognized for good work… Pagan of course, and also Tristan de Warrel being inducted into the Order of the Laurel, as well as Honnoria getting a Court Baroncy, Katryne and Isolda getting Fleurs, and Izabetta getting a Sycamore. And I’m sure I’m forgetting others as well.

Yes, we’re going.

No, I’m not scrambling to do a million things before we go. Neither of us need major new clothing. I’m working on a couple of new sherts for Matatias. Last night I mended 2 pairs of his hosen (I swear his feet are made of files). I need to look over my clothes and see what needs mending but probably I’ll do the actual mending once we’re there.

Basically, even though for the first time in ages I have to actually make myself a calendar for my vacation (consequences of being a Kingdom Officer and all), I’m not going crazy about it.

On our way to Pax

As I loaded the car Friday afternoon I was baffled by how full the car is for just a weekend event. Note that there’s barely room for Shoshanna in the car! But then I realized that most of the big stuff we take for a weekend event is the same stuff we take for Pennsic (the tent and the fencing bag being the, er, big offenders).

Shoshanna loves Pax. It’s the perfect camping event for us… close to home, low-key. And this year was no exception. We left after camp/work on Friday and stopped for dinner near site. As we were driving around the new-to-us, FABULOUS camping areas, at the second campsite I happened to see Cadlin and asked if we could crash their site. She said yes and I gotta say – I am very glad that she did. Shoshanna and Miss R played happily for the entire weekend. Seriously. All of Saturday morning while Cadlin and Sig were off doing the things that they needed to do, the girls stayed with me and there was literally ZERO conflict.

Other than the girls playing, M fenced, I sat in camp sewing and chatting with everybody who wandered by (which was a lot of people because we were on the road between gate and the field). Went to court where lots of cool people got recognized and I very nearly finished the central figures on my embroidery.

Oh, and Jenny got her finished tunic.
Jenny's Tunic

Summer Aecademy

Summer Aecademy was spectacular. It really was. It was all the nerdy bits of the SCA brought together in one place. I only went to one class – Fredeburg’s woodblock printing class, in which I carved and printed with a wood block. I went to Saskia’s keynote, too, and bounced with glee as bits of the background of my dissertation wound their way into her presentation on women artists and the education of women in the Netherlands. Other than that, I sat and chatted at the Ask a Laurel table, I sat and chatted at other tables, I put together most of an undershirt for Matatias. The “hearty all day sideboard” was indeed hearty and all day, with an impressive variety of foods that changed throughout the day.

So good work Odrianna, Elss, and all of the teachers!


Tired Girl by the LakeYes, that is Shoshanna you see by the lake at Cooper’s Lake. No, she’s not going to Pennsic this year. But she and I did day-trip to Aethelemearc War Practice a couple of weeks ago. (I can’t believe we used to routinely day-trip events that were 3 hours from home, but we did.)

We had a pretty darn good day, too. Doing an event solo with the kid is always challenging, and even more so when the reason you’re going is that you’ve got Official Commitments. So Shoshanna helped Irene set up her A&S display while I went to my first-ever Laurel meeting and then she and I hung out in the barn at Artisans Playtime, which was Katla’s very brilliant brainchild instead of a traditional A&S display or even an Artisans’ Forum. Both Katla and I thought it was a smashing success so Aethelmearc should look for similar activities in the future. Teaching Labyrinth CreationShoshanna even participated, doing some weaving with Mahin, trying her hand at kumihimo, playing with Dagonell’s puppets, and learning to draw a labyrinth.

Since Shoshanna was pretty darn patient all morning, I let her pick what we did all afternoon. So we played on the playground, went to family activities, walked down to the lake so she could see it and watched some folks doing ironwork on the way back up. I was reminded that I am so glad that we camp at the top of the hill rather than the bottom… Shoshanna whined a LOT on the way back up and we stopped off at Runestone Hill to pester Broom and have a rest under a tree. And during court Shoshanna started on a new embroidery. I’ll have to scan it; the change in her skill from the first project to this one is astounding.

And here is another gratuitously cute picture.


Y’all, Ice Dragon is just exhausting. And I don’t even have anything to do with the running of any part of it!

So.  It was my first ID as MoAS… which means picking Minister’s Choice, which was actually very fun.  And conflict-of-interest-laden, because I wanted to recognize the kids as well… but Shoshanna had entered her viking beads and her flower embroidery.  Shoshanna's beadsAnd I wanted more brains to throw at it so I had Katla and Odrianna help me but Katla’s daughter’s boyfriend entered in the older youth category.  So. I looked at the older youth and Katla looked at the younger youth and  Odrianna looked at both (actually she had Alethea help her, which was totally appropriate and awesome).  Good thing, too, because the favorites in the younger category were the flower embroidery and the viking beads and the favorite in the older category was the painted pouch.  And you can probably guess which kids were responsible for those objects. The adult choices were a fabulous horn comb and a baldric featuring embossed copper plates.

I also ended up judging three categories: Curiosa (just one entry – Fredeburg’s ink ball, which was a super-cool project), Costuming to 1400 (two entries – a hood and a linen gown) and Costuming 1400 to end of period (many entries… two Polish garments, a child’s waffenrock, an Elizabethan smock with blackworked collar and cuffs, and a full Elizabethan outfit.  THAT took a lot of brainpower for me to judge…

Shoshanna also played the part of the wizard in Dagonell’s childrens’ play which was a folktale about why fish don’t make noise. It was very cute.image.jpg

I was super-excited to get to chat with Muriel de Chimay who I hadn’t seen in several years. I realized after the fact… she’d never even laid EYES on Shoshanna!

And court was sooooo long. I got to go up for my first Laurel elevation, so I’m not the baby anymore. We did our bit right after intermission and then bugged out… which meant I missed Irene being utterly poleaxed when she got a Fleur.

Oh, I also dropped off two new embroidered award medallions. Once I’m done with the blackwork sweet bag that I picked back up after almost 7 years I’m going to finally take the plunge and get some real gold and stranded silk to try OA for real. Eep!


Academy Otherwise

Well, for obvious reasons, court at Aecademy kind of overshadowed the rest of the event for a while there. But even before court it was a really great event.

After conceiving of the braies & hosen class probably a year and a half ago, it was nice to finally be able to TEACH it! We had some really good discussions of all kinds of unnapans and various theories thereof.

We tried really hard to pick classes that Shoshanna could enjoy at the event – she’s old enough now that she can go to adult classes as long as we’re there to direct her when she gets antsy and if we’re willing to bow out if it gets too crazy with her there. So I took her to Alheydis’ class on 14th century paper boxes, which we both really enjoyed.

In the afternoon we managed to all three go to not one but two lecture-style classes! Alicia’s class on Galileo finished with everyone playing with her Gallileoscooe and then Shoshanna INSISTED on going to Fridrikr’s class on Viking Zombies. Apparently her love of all things Vikng outweied her antipathy towards anything scary. There were a couple of points when she clapped my hands over her ears (at one point Fridrikr noticed and asked if he’d said something inappropriate and I had to explain that no, she’d just decided something completely innocuous was scary). But she’s been telling us about draugurr ever since.

We ventured out to Fall Aecademy in Thescorre today.  TRex wore her Viking apron dress.

I taught my “13th century men from the waist down” class, which M says I should call “Underwear ain’t nuthin’ but braies and hose. It was the first class of the day so people kind of trickled in. Broom came in and asked hard questions and heckled me like he always seems to. Then TRex and I went to a class on making paper boxes, and we hung out with some poeple. Kate taught TRex to spin with a drop spindle and I went to Mistress Rhiannon’s class on 13th century spinning wheels (K2, I’ll tell you all about it!) and we just generally had a pleasant day.

Court time rolled around and we all settled in; I alternated between entertaining TRex and working on my embroidery. The Baron and Baroness gave a handful of awards, thanked the teachers, etc. My Lady Queen gave a couple of AoAs, failed to give out a lot more as a bunch of peopel were not in attendance, then a Sycamore, a Silver Buccle… Alicia got a very well-deserved Fleur. Teresa got a writ for a Pelican, date of the vigil to be set later. TRex was getting increasingly antsy. Court was clearly almost over.

The herald called Broom in and he flounced in declaiming about how he really needed to talk to the Crown. Elisabeth got up and said, “Wait, this is MY job!” And they squabbled a bit about who was supposed to be doing whatever it was they were doing. TRex was whining that she was hungry, I was embroidering. Someone on the guard offered Broom a katana, which he declined.


And then… somebody called my name and M popped up
like an overdone piece of popcorn and said, “LET’S GO!” and dragged me bodily into court. Broom took my elbow and informed me that it’s customary to bow, which I was actually in the process of doing and then I knelt before My Lady Queen. Broom said that he had a message for the Crown from a person in his previous Barony of Dragonship Haven and read some lovely words about … underwear that Eilis had sent.Somewhere in there was something about how I deserved to be a Laurel because of my skill in making …. underwear. M tells me that I melted at that point. I know that I was very nearly in tears and breathing very deeply, watching My Lady Queen’s face, and listening to Broom and then Elisabeth recommending me to the Crown. And then they called up the order (or maybe they’d called them up earlier? I don’t quite remember) and read the writ, which was made by Cori.

And then the Laurels dragged me to the back of the hall; it was a good thing Broom helped meup ’cause my garters were really tight and I couldn’t quite feel my legs. And that was the end of court and I got

Assembled Laurels

dragged off to the Royal Room to discuss scheduling with the Crown. We aren’t totally sure when it’s going to be yet, but I will post when we have settled on a date.

A couple of months ago Countess Ilish asked me if I’d be willing to teach something about 13th century clothes at really low-key event she was putting together.  I said yes, of course, and used it as the motivation to finally finish my handout on how to make braies, which you can now see here.

The event was a whole lot of fun… very low-key with a nice list of classes.  I went to Marsi’s class on setting center gores, which was interesting because she does it slightly differently than Marcele does; I’ll have to try her method sometime, too, to see which way I like better.  Then I went to Orianna’s class on the Greenland gown, and was reminded of how really dead simple they are to make and that I should do it more often (but not ’til after the A&S 50 challenge is over!).  Sat around and chatted until my class, which was SHOCKINGLY well-attended.  I’d brought a whole slew of handouts and they descended on them LIKE VULTURES.  And then I prattled happily, with lots of back and forth (thankfully) about 13th century clothes for a good 45 minutes.

And you know the Kid had fun because she passed out in the car on the way home.  It was also our first event taking a dedicated sitter with us – which I didn’t really have much choice about since Matatias was out of town.  Too bad it’s very expensive to hire a teenager for the day because that was awesome.