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Time from when we found out that our local marshal had been warranted for youth rapier until I was drop-testing fabric for armor for Svankáta: under three hours. Conveniently, we had enough fabric in colors that met with her approval for me to do her body armor without having to go shopping. Much like all of the other rapier armor I’ve made, it’s going to consist of a set of two tunics, pants (in this case, Thorsberg trousers), and a (Skjoldenhamn) hood.

Priority one has been the body armor, because she can wear yoga pants and my hood until I get those bits done.

So. The “smock” is two layers of natural linen. In the interests of time (she wants to fence at Ice Dragon next weekend) I decided to see if a tight zig zag would hold well enough (thus seaming and finishing in one pass). Answer: except for the finicky bits like gore points, yes. That’s brilliant.

The fashion layer is blue wool lined in natural linen. The experiment with this one was in doing a hybrid of bag lining and flat-lining. I flat-lined the sleeves and bag-lined everything else. That was fine until I tried to set the sleeves and I had to do a lot of fiddling to get the raw edges contained – ended up turning them in on each other and topstitching the seam allowance REALLY close to the edge and then setting the sleeves in. Will not try that trick again. I do like the neck treatment, though: I turned the two layers in on each other and I’m blanket stitching them together. I MAY do some decorative topstitching on the seams but not before Saturday.

Pictures to come when it’s on her.


I have been remiss…

Well, actually, I’ve been busy with modern concerns. But that’s neither here nor there.

M and I were made rapier marshals at Summer’s End. Hooray!

Textile guild is planning to make new Baronial banners (silk, appliquéd dragons, they will be AWESOME) for Investiture in December.

Went to BRT today… It was hot hot hot and sticky. But everyone had lots of fun, it seems. MNew Red Tunic (by sarahmichelef) played pickups with his new rig from Darkwood (we got the blade at Pennsic last year when he snapped one of his schlägers at the tang and the rest of the rig for his birthday) and I played in the fencing tourney (though not well…). I did one-shot Berhend in the head twice in a row. Watched a bit of the equestrian activities, and generally hung around.

And Shoshanna wore her new red tunic. It’s too big in the neckline, but that’s ok. Other than that, it fits her perfectly and she looked just too adorable. We did end up pulling it off of her when she got tootoo hot, but she was pretty comfy all day.