Here you will find links to PDF files of documentation, pages contained on this WordPress site, and various other stuff about things I’ve made.

13th century English/French

13th century braies

My biggest ongoing project… stay tuned for more information.

Red linen cyclas (pdf)

My first serious (read: researched) costuming project … In retrospect, it’s riddled with problems, but I was SO proud of myself at the time!

Edith Gown Project

A recreation of a 13th century gown based on an illustration in Matthew Paris’ “The Life of Edward the Confessor”.
(More detail coming soon.)

Green and Yellow Cyclas

A 13th – 14th century sleeveless overgown, constructed in linen using a seaming/lining technique from the Viborg shirt.

Split-Front Tunic

I call it a “riding tunic” – it’s ubiquitous in many of the 13th century manuscripts.

Rapier Armor

13th century clothing that can also function as rapier armor.

Miscellaneous 13th century garments

Our everyday clothes, not part of any larger project or anything.

Other Time Periods/Cultures

Early 15th Century Kirtles (pdf)

Inspired by the June plate of the Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry.


Embroidered “Pelican” Cushion (pdf)

A small cushion in monochromatic (blackwork) embroidery and cross-stitch, based on patterns from the Bostocke Sampler.


  1. the green cyclas stitching method makes my head hurt. i don’t understand how the thread doesn’t show!

    • Well, occasionally it does, but not much. Are you guys going to War this year? I’ll have it with me for sure and you could look at it in person. ;^)

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