Since both Matatias and I play 13th century England, but we are also both fencers, I have created persona-appropriate clothing that also serves as our rapier armor.

In principle, the armor consists of using the medieval practice of wearing lined garments and layers to create an outfit that can serve as armor. After several iterations of the armor, I have settled on a two-layer undertunic that, when combined with a fashion layer (or two, depending on the fabric), suffices for armor. Back of the head protection comes in the form of a hood, a ubiquitous headcovering during our time period.  We wear linen braies (underwear) and linen or woolen hosen.

Matatias & Edmund (by sarahmichelef)
Matatias’ armor in action

You can see the evolution of my 13th century rapier armor by looking at the documentation for the various sets of armor I’ve made. All of the files are in pdf format.

  1. My first armor
  2. Matatias’ first armor
  3. My current armor (which I call the “Easter Egg” armor)

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