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Tired Girl by the LakeYes, that is Shoshanna you see by the lake at Cooper’s Lake. No, she’s not going to Pennsic this year. But she and I did day-trip to Aethelemearc War Practice a couple of weeks ago. (I can’t believe we used to routinely day-trip events that were 3 hours from home, but we did.)

We had a pretty darn good day, too. Doing an event solo with the kid is always challenging, and even more so when the reason you’re going is that you’ve got Official Commitments. So Shoshanna helped Irene set up her A&S display while I went to my first-ever Laurel meeting and then she and I hung out in the barn at Artisans Playtime, which was Katla’s very brilliant brainchild instead of a traditional A&S display or even an Artisans’ Forum. Both Katla and I thought it was a smashing success so Aethelmearc should look for similar activities in the future. Teaching Labyrinth CreationShoshanna even participated, doing some weaving with Mahin, trying her hand at kumihimo, playing with Dagonell’s puppets, and learning to draw a labyrinth.

Since Shoshanna was pretty darn patient all morning, I let her pick what we did all afternoon. So we played on the playground, went to family activities, walked down to the lake so she could see it and watched some folks doing ironwork on the way back up. I was reminded that I am so glad that we camp at the top of the hill rather than the bottom… Shoshanna whined a LOT on the way back up and we stopped off at Runestone Hill to pester Broom and have a rest under a tree. And during court Shoshanna started on a new embroidery. I’ll have to scan it; the change in her skill from the first project to this one is astounding.

And here is another gratuitously cute picture.



A couple of months ago Countess Ilish asked me if I’d be willing to teach something about 13th century clothes at really low-key event she was putting together.  I said yes, of course, and used it as the motivation to finally finish my handout on how to make braies, which you can now see here.

The event was a whole lot of fun… very low-key with a nice list of classes.  I went to Marsi’s class on setting center gores, which was interesting because she does it slightly differently than Marcele does; I’ll have to try her method sometime, too, to see which way I like better.  Then I went to Orianna’s class on the Greenland gown, and was reminded of how really dead simple they are to make and that I should do it more often (but not ’til after the A&S 50 challenge is over!).  Sat around and chatted until my class, which was SHOCKINGLY well-attended.  I’d brought a whole slew of handouts and they descended on them LIKE VULTURES.  And then I prattled happily, with lots of back and forth (thankfully) about 13th century clothes for a good 45 minutes.

And you know the Kid had fun because she passed out in the car on the way home.  It was also our first event taking a dedicated sitter with us – which I didn’t really have much choice about since Matatias was out of town.  Too bad it’s very expensive to hire a teenager for the day because that was awesome.

Autumn Collegium

Edith and I trundled off today to Autumn Collegium in Beau Fleuve, at a site that is about as far as you can get from home and still be in the Barony (travel time: approximately an hour).  For me, at least, it was a very relaxing day.  I taught my socks class, which now has the official title, “Banish the Tube Socks”, to a captive audience of five.  Honnoria had cornered me sometime before the class and asked if I needed a victim model; I said yes and now there’s a mostly-finished hosen pattern for her in a box in my kitchen to be finished up at a later date.  So we talked the theory of socks and then I demonstrated how to drape a pattern for them.  As we were talking, I realized that there’s really no way to explain men’s hosen without explaining braies.  So now I’m thinking about a two-hour class entitled “13th century men from the waist down”.  Mistress Alicia asked me if I could do it at Three Ravens.

In addition to teaching my class, I went to Mistress Alicia’s class on documentation which just served to remind me that, as I put it to her, I have an attitude problem about A&S competitions.  And I’m not scared of documentation (which we knew).  And in my continuing class to spend as much time as possible in places where goldwork embroidery is happening (as if that will magically imbue me with the ability to do it), I audited  Mistress Yvianne’s Or Nué class.  No, it’s not opus anglicanum, but the technique for the application of the metal threads is very similar so I absorbed more today.  I think that after the first of the year I will be brave enough to order some gold and stranded silk and have a go at it for real.

The dayboard was spectacular, there was good company, and it was all in all a relaxing day and I was home cooking dinner for a very affectionate five year old girl by 5 pm.

Writing documentation for an entry into a “heraldic display” category is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEAST than writing documentation for clothing & embroidery categories.

I might have underestimated the amount of time the documentation was going to take to write, but it’s done and perfectly respectable. I just need to get a couple of shots of M in the garment, and then it’ll be completely done.

It was announced yesterday that the Aethelmearc A&S champs will be chosen at Ae 10-Year (which is at Cooper’s in 2 weeks).  Some of you may remember that last year I got my knickers in a twist because I couldn’t make my braies project fit the requirements (namely that there had to be an escarbuncle involved somehow – which of course led to the witticism of “Oops, I shat heraldry!”).

This year, there are no such restrictions. Bring your best thing and M’Lord King and M’Lady Queen will choose Their champion. No muss, no fuss. Initially, I thought “I have nothing to bring.” But then it occurred to me that I do have something that I would consider worthy of entry in a kingdom competition – I have M’s riding tunic. Of course, having time to polish up the documentation to a state that I’m willing to put out there is another issue. There’s an artisans forum as well, and really I should probably plan on participating in that, so maybe I’ll take the hour or two that it’ll take to get the docs into respectable shape and go with it. Who knows, maybe I could be A&S champ of my second kingdom… Wouldn’t THAT be amusing.