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Back in late August or early September, Joe approached Irene and me about commissioning a set of new banners for the Barony from the textile guild. We said “sure!” and eventually settled on a design for 4’x5′ banners with a 2’x3′ dragon (we originally wanted to do 4’x6′ with a 2’x4′ dragon, but the beastie got too distorted at that size). We never even considered NOT doing them in silk – we settled on 19.5 mm crepe-back satin because it was the heaviest we could get without having to dye our own black.

We dyed the silk with acid dyes. Learned a lot in the process – wish the green had come out less blotchy but we’ve managed to work around the imperfections. We didn’t have the dyebath warm enough when we put it in. The yellow went much better (and I remembered to wear gloves when we rinsed it, so I didn’t even end up looking like a ghoul after that one!).

Once the silk was dyed and dried, I did flat-felled seams to assemble the backgrounds.

Pinning (by sarahmichelef)More Pinning (by sarahmichelef)Finished Seam (by sarahmichelef)

It took me 2 hours to do one seam – made me crazy. CRAZY. After that I passed it off to Wendy for the applique.  If the seams made me crazy, the applique just about put her over the edge.  I picked the one she had gotten finished up from her on Thursday and on Friday I hemmed it and put the hang tabs on it.

Joe and I presented it in second court on Saturday afternoon, to great acclaim.

Done! (by sarahmichelef)

There’s still going to be a bit of applique work added – detail work on the toenails and another rib in the wings, I think.  And then we do it all over again two more times, and for a big ol’ war banner (to use up as much of the silk as we can).