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The sleeves were too narrow – fine on top, but not big enough just below the elbow.  So I ripped out the old ones and cut entirely new ones.  I COULD have just used a teenytiny seam allowance and made the old ones work, but those sleeves are a good size for me, so I’ll just keep them and stick them in my next underdress, which also means that finishing those seams won’t be a major pain.

I also discovered that the person who took the measurements that HRH supplied me with takes their measurements VERY SNUG.  Which is fine, it’s just good to know before I start making the gown.  This gown is going to be FABULOUS.  HRH loves lots of skirts… so there are going to be at least 140″ of hem, possibly more if I decide to do double gores everywhere in the sides and back (which is really, really tempting).

Finally, look what came in the big brown truck yesterday!

That’s a periwinkle silk herringbone – the color is more purply in person than it is in the picture.  It is getting put in a spacebag and saved for a special occasion, but I couldn’t NOT buy it, especially at $6/yard.  I did it at the right time, too – when I went to send someone the link to show them last night, it was all gone.