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Smock is done… pictures and a more detailed writeup forthcoming.  It looks great, fits great.  I’m going to display it at Ice Dragon, so there will be documentation available within the next month or so.

Hosen are done, too.  They fit VERY snugly in the foot but that’s OK.  I think I fitted the bottom seam in the toe area differently on the two socks, too… I’ll have to go back and see and maybe I can figure out what I did.

Veil is halfway hemmed.  I still don’t like doing rolled hems, but I am getting faster at them.


We ventured out to Fall Aecademy in Thescorre today.  TRex wore her Viking apron dress.

I taught my “13th century men from the waist down” class, which M says I should call “Underwear ain’t nuthin’ but braies and hose. It was the first class of the day so people kind of trickled in. Broom came in and asked hard questions and heckled me like he always seems to. Then TRex and I went to a class on making paper boxes, and we hung out with some poeple. Kate taught TRex to spin with a drop spindle and I went to Mistress Rhiannon’s class on 13th century spinning wheels (K2, I’ll tell you all about it!) and we just generally had a pleasant day.

Court time rolled around and we all settled in; I alternated between entertaining TRex and working on my embroidery. The Baron and Baroness gave a handful of awards, thanked the teachers, etc. My Lady Queen gave a couple of AoAs, failed to give out a lot more as a bunch of peopel were not in attendance, then a Sycamore, a Silver Buccle… Alicia got a very well-deserved Fleur. Teresa got a writ for a Pelican, date of the vigil to be set later. TRex was getting increasingly antsy. Court was clearly almost over.

The herald called Broom in and he flounced in declaiming about how he really needed to talk to the Crown. Elisabeth got up and said, “Wait, this is MY job!” And they squabbled a bit about who was supposed to be doing whatever it was they were doing. TRex was whining that she was hungry, I was embroidering. Someone on the guard offered Broom a katana, which he declined.


And then… somebody called my name and M popped up
like an overdone piece of popcorn and said, “LET’S GO!” and dragged me bodily into court. Broom took my elbow and informed me that it’s customary to bow, which I was actually in the process of doing and then I knelt before My Lady Queen. Broom said that he had a message for the Crown from a person in his previous Barony of Dragonship Haven and read some lovely words about … underwear that Eilis had sent.Somewhere in there was something about how I deserved to be a Laurel because of my skill in making …. underwear. M tells me that I melted at that point. I know that I was very nearly in tears and breathing very deeply, watching My Lady Queen’s face, and listening to Broom and then Elisabeth recommending me to the Crown. And then they called up the order (or maybe they’d called them up earlier? I don’t quite remember) and read the writ, which was made by Cori.

And then the Laurels dragged me to the back of the hall; it was a good thing Broom helped meup ’cause my garters were really tight and I couldn’t quite feel my legs. And that was the end of court and I got

Assembled Laurels

dragged off to the Royal Room to discuss scheduling with the Crown. We aren’t totally sure when it’s going to be yet, but I will post when we have settled on a date.