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On our way to Pax

As I loaded the car Friday afternoon I was baffled by how full the car is for just a weekend event. Note that there’s barely room for Shoshanna in the car! But then I realized that most of the big stuff we take for a weekend event is the same stuff we take for Pennsic (the tent and the fencing bag being the, er, big offenders).

Shoshanna loves Pax. It’s the perfect camping event for us… close to home, low-key. And this year was no exception. We left after camp/work on Friday and stopped for dinner near site. As we were driving around the new-to-us, FABULOUS camping areas, at the second campsite I happened to see Cadlin and asked if we could crash their site. She said yes and I gotta say – I am very glad that she did. Shoshanna and Miss R played happily for the entire weekend. Seriously. All of Saturday morning while Cadlin and Sig were off doing the things that they needed to do, the girls stayed with me and there was literally ZERO conflict.

Other than the girls playing, M fenced, I sat in camp sewing and chatting with everybody who wandered by (which was a lot of people because we were on the road between gate and the field). Went to court where lots of cool people got recognized and I very nearly finished the central figures on my embroidery.

Oh, and Jenny got her finished tunic.
Jenny's Tunic


Academy Otherwise

Well, for obvious reasons, court at Aecademy kind of overshadowed the rest of the event for a while there. But even before court it was a really great event.

After conceiving of the braies & hosen class probably a year and a half ago, it was nice to finally be able to TEACH it! We had some really good discussions of all kinds of unnapans and various theories thereof.

We tried really hard to pick classes that Shoshanna could enjoy at the event – she’s old enough now that she can go to adult classes as long as we’re there to direct her when she gets antsy and if we’re willing to bow out if it gets too crazy with her there. So I took her to Alheydis’ class on 14th century paper boxes, which we both really enjoyed.

In the afternoon we managed to all three go to not one but two lecture-style classes! Alicia’s class on Galileo finished with everyone playing with her Gallileoscooe and then Shoshanna INSISTED on going to Fridrikr’s class on Viking Zombies. Apparently her love of all things Vikng outweied her antipathy towards anything scary. There were a couple of points when she clapped my hands over her ears (at one point Fridrikr noticed and asked if he’d said something inappropriate and I had to explain that no, she’d just decided something completely innocuous was scary). But she’s been telling us about draugurr ever since.

A couple of months ago Countess Ilish asked me if I’d be willing to teach something about 13th century clothes at really low-key event she was putting together.  I said yes, of course, and used it as the motivation to finally finish my handout on how to make braies, which you can now see here.

The event was a whole lot of fun… very low-key with a nice list of classes.  I went to Marsi’s class on setting center gores, which was interesting because she does it slightly differently than Marcele does; I’ll have to try her method sometime, too, to see which way I like better.  Then I went to Orianna’s class on the Greenland gown, and was reminded of how really dead simple they are to make and that I should do it more often (but not ’til after the A&S 50 challenge is over!).  Sat around and chatted until my class, which was SHOCKINGLY well-attended.  I’d brought a whole slew of handouts and they descended on them LIKE VULTURES.  And then I prattled happily, with lots of back and forth (thankfully) about 13th century clothes for a good 45 minutes.

And you know the Kid had fun because she passed out in the car on the way home.  It was also our first event taking a dedicated sitter with us – which I didn’t really have much choice about since Matatias was out of town.  Too bad it’s very expensive to hire a teenager for the day because that was awesome.

The festival of the passing of the Ice DragonIt’s official: the Ice Dragon has once again passed. This year’s event was at the Connecticut Street Armory and OH! but we should use that site again.  Yes, there’s only on-street parking but… I left the site at 11:30 to go pick M up at work and when we got back we were able to park less than a block from the front entrance.  (I confess that my knowledge of the area is better than most people’s, since I’ve worked at D’Youville College, which is right across the street.)  Tiercelin and her peeps all did a spectacular job.

None of us had anything entered in the Pent this year and I don’t think Shoshanna even went into the pent room.  She was too busy chasing around with Lily, Elizabeth, Philip, Teresa, Kate, and Katrina.  (Such a motley crew of kids they are, I love it.)  There were SUCH beautiful things this year.  Elisabeth, Odrianna, and I put our heads together and chose the four we liked best for the Minister’s Prize(s): Caleb’s fork paper, Katla’s dog collar, Project Carl’s block-printed child’s tunic, and Herr Tannen’s (did I get that name right? I don’t remember it off the top of my head) shortbread subtlety.  As the winner, Caleb received 3 pounds of bacon which Elisabeth sent someone to hunt at Wilson’s Farm.  H.E. was good enough to share with His Majesty as well as with His Majesty Ealdormere, who was in attendance.

We went out to Aethelmearc 12th Night on Saturday.  The big excitement was twofold: First, that Shoshanna was going to her first feast.  (Thanks, Fridrikr, for making feast early so that the kid could stay – she loved it!)  Second, that Connor and his new lady Margaret were going to be there.  Shoshanna adores Connor.

We had a lovely pleasant afternoon chatting with lots and lots of people, Shoshanna playing with the other kids who were there, and having an extremely plentiful dinner that included two fish subtleties (because not everyone likes fish).  Shoshanna (and Matatias!) sat happily through an hour and a half of court which included some lovely schtick and well-deserved awards.  And afterwards, there was dancing, in which Shoshanna and I both participated.  Heralds in Love, though, is not a great dance for five year olds – too complicated!

I’m on the “reserve list” to teach my hosen class at C3R on the 28th… if you’re interested, even if I don’t end up stepping into a slot, find me and I’ll be happy to let you have a handout!

BRT was yesterday… it wasn’t as hot as it was last year, thank goodness, and we were all entertained. I got to do some A&S demo-ing and remembered as I always did that my stuff just isn’t eye-catching in a demo setting. Oh well! There are lots of pictures here (it’s technically a demo, not an event, hence all the non-SCAdians running around) and y’all folks might be especially interested in this one and this one.

Sophia also handed me prints of a bunch of pics she took of us at Coronation; I’ll have to find out if she has them online somewhere so I can post links.

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Baronial Investiture was today.  Will and Kiersey are FREE!  and Caleb didn’t follow my advice (I told him he should say “dear lord what have I done?” as soon as his butt hit the chair) but has been properly installed as Baron Rhydderich Hael.

The event was possibly the most relaxing I’ve been to in a really, really long time, I realized in the car on the way home.  Morning court consisted of W&K doing last awards and stepping down.  Their morning awards included a Golden Bee (Baronial A&S) for me for costuming (to my, and Matatias’, surprise).  My scroll is lovely and extra-special because it was calligraphed and illuminated by my friends Robert and Cat.  Other than that, mostly just hung out, kid-wrangled, and chatted all day.

I had business in afternoon court – Joe had commissioned the textile guild to make four silk banners as his gift to the Barony.  We have one done so far, and it looks like we’re going to be making only 2 more banners and one excessively large pennon.  (The current Baronial war banner is something like 25 feet long – it’s pretty obscene.)  We’re hoping to get the rest done for Ice Dragon – they take a LONG time – I spent something like 7 1/2 hours doing the EASY part of it (i.e., not the applique).  There will be a post dedicated to the project with pictures forthcoming.