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Y’all, Ice Dragon is just exhausting. And I don’t even have anything to do with the running of any part of it!

So.  It was my first ID as MoAS… which means picking Minister’s Choice, which was actually very fun.  And conflict-of-interest-laden, because I wanted to recognize the kids as well… but Shoshanna had entered her viking beads and her flower embroidery.  Shoshanna's beadsAnd I wanted more brains to throw at it so I had Katla and Odrianna help me but Katla’s daughter’s boyfriend entered in the older youth category.  So. I looked at the older youth and Katla looked at the younger youth and  Odrianna looked at both (actually she had Alethea help her, which was totally appropriate and awesome).  Good thing, too, because the favorites in the younger category were the flower embroidery and the viking beads and the favorite in the older category was the painted pouch.  And you can probably guess which kids were responsible for those objects. The adult choices were a fabulous horn comb and a baldric featuring embossed copper plates.

I also ended up judging three categories: Curiosa (just one entry – Fredeburg’s ink ball, which was a super-cool project), Costuming to 1400 (two entries – a hood and a linen gown) and Costuming 1400 to end of period (many entries… two Polish garments, a child’s waffenrock, an Elizabethan smock with blackworked collar and cuffs, and a full Elizabethan outfit.  THAT took a lot of brainpower for me to judge…

Shoshanna also played the part of the wizard in Dagonell’s childrens’ play which was a folktale about why fish don’t make noise. It was very cute.image.jpg

I was super-excited to get to chat with Muriel de Chimay who I hadn’t seen in several years. I realized after the fact… she’d never even laid EYES on Shoshanna!

And court was sooooo long. I got to go up for my first Laurel elevation, so I’m not the baby anymore. We did our bit right after intermission and then bugged out… which meant I missed Irene being utterly poleaxed when she got a Fleur.

Oh, I also dropped off two new embroidered award medallions. Once I’m done with the blackwork sweet bag that I picked back up after almost 7 years I’m going to finally take the plunge and get some real gold and stranded silk to try OA for real. Eep!



Interrupted?  Anyway… Pax was our only chance to camp this summer, since we’re not going to Pennsic.  Somehow we had never managed to get to Pax over the last three years despite it being only an hour away.

So we headed out Friday afternoon, got all set up and did some visiting on Friday night before we had to wrestle Shoshanna into bed.  Saturday we got up, did more visiting, and M went off to fence.  S and I wandered about and played with the various friends she had made and then she crashed for a nap by 11:30 am.  After she woke up M was done fencing and we headed up to the field to watch the fighting and hang out with friends up there.  While we were doing all that Catlin, aka Tall Child and the poor sad post-surgical Kip made it to the event so they joined in the hanging-out.  I think Kip made friends with every person on site.

I also started teaching Shoshanna stem stitch embroidery, which she is really enjoying.  I’ll have to scan her first “project” when she finishes it.


Saturday morning we piled six of us into Irene’s truck to go to the College of Three Ravens in Thescorre. I was on the reserve list to teach my hosen class, fully expecting to be asked to step in for a cancelled class. As it turned out, I wasn’t. I went to two classes – one on making list-legal rapier armor (I was curious about how another person would approach it) and one on tabletwoven edgings – correcting mis-representations in some of the line drawings in Textiles and Clothing.  It was really interesting, and now I really REALLY want a copy of Woven Into the Earth.

I displayed a handful of things in the A&S display – the mauve gown as it currently exists, the award medallions, and Liadain’s gowns.  Well, HRH displayed the gowns – I just stuck the docs on a table with a note to go look at the Princess if people wanted to see the actual garments.  They looked STUNNING, and were selected as Baron & Baroness’ choice.

I also caught up with someone I met at Pennsic to geek about 13th century iconographic sources – she’s forwarded me a citation for a book with a number of pictures of 13th c. tomb effigies, which is awesome.

Shoshanna had a really good day, too.

That was the name of our event today… we had quite a good time.  Matatias fenced, I taught my hosen class (which I had forgotten that I very cleverly titled “Socks Don’t Have to Be Knit” – way more fun than “Cut Hosen for Men and Women”), we all went to a beginning dance class which Shoshanna LOVED.  She was a bit too tired to really fully participate but she danced the Horse’s Bransle along with all the rest of us (she and I acted as one dancer).  And THEN Shoshanna got recruited to be one of the fairy folks for Gabrielle’s elevation procession, complete with wings and a be-ribboned baton.  She loved it.

And, as always, she passed out in the car on the way home.

I’m seeing “Pennsic Panic” posts & e-mails all over the intarwebz these days… only two weeks to land grab, after all!

There is no panic here.  I have learned my lesson – I make huge lists of things that I have to get done before War and they get whittled and whittled and whittled and I end up doing maybe two of the things that started out on the list.  And what fun is that?  Pennsic is already the vacation you need a vacation after.  Why make the weeks leading up stressful, too?  In our case, we have plenty of clothes, and they are in good repair.  Eventually I want to have enough undergarments that we can go skin-out for a week of war without doing lots of laundry but beyond that… I just can’t get too worked up about needing to DO DO DO! in the weeks leading up to our vacation.

That said, I do have a few things I would like to get done before we leave.

  1. I want to get the remaining pieces of the mauve gown basted so that I can take that with me for handwork while at Pennsic.
  2. I want to finish hemming the veil that I’ve been hemming since LAST Pennsic.  (I don’t like hemming.  And Pennsic is the only time I need more than one veil, anyway.  So it’s still not done.)
  3. I might write up some quickie docs for the embroidery that I’m thinking about showing in the A&S.  Or I might just do the form that they will have there; I can’t document medallions anyway so really it’s just about the split-stitch embroidery.  A little throwaway thing, but I have it and it’s pretty, so what the heck.

Of these, the basting is the most time-consuming.  I need to cut out some more gores, too – I didn’t make the first set wide enough so I’m going to double up.

And obviously we need to pack – I updated and printed the list this afternoon and am laying things out in the dining room little by little as I come across them.  I will be doing most of the packing, probably, and M will be loading while I’m taking the kiddo to Camp Grammy – he’ll pick me up at the airport fully loaded and we’ll head straight down to Cooper’s.

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The kiddo and I did Ice Dragon solo again this year. Sadly, that means no fencing and no pent-ing for me. Next year I think we’ll work it so I can do some judging for the pent again – that was fun. We had a relaxing day, wandering, chatting, hearing stories. I think S is going to grow up to be a scribe – she was FASCINATED by the scribal playground and insisted that I pick her up so that she could watch.

Other excitement was getting to see my friend Ana Ravaya de Guzman, which was a total surprise.  We managed to reconstruct that last time I saw her was when K&Q Bardic was in Bergental in December 2004.  So we chatted a tiny bit, and I got to hear her sing greetings from the Crown of the East to the Aethelmearc Crown.

Got lots of compliments on her coat… she really did look disgustingly cute. I did not get to see the braies that Cori made for Otfrid’s elevation based on my instructions; I’ll have to arrange to see them some other time. We bugged out as soon as his elevation was over, because S was getting quite exhausted. She didn’t last 10 minutes in the car.

Baronial Investiture was today.  Will and Kiersey are FREE!  and Caleb didn’t follow my advice (I told him he should say “dear lord what have I done?” as soon as his butt hit the chair) but has been properly installed as Baron Rhydderich Hael.

The event was possibly the most relaxing I’ve been to in a really, really long time, I realized in the car on the way home.  Morning court consisted of W&K doing last awards and stepping down.  Their morning awards included a Golden Bee (Baronial A&S) for me for costuming (to my, and Matatias’, surprise).  My scroll is lovely and extra-special because it was calligraphed and illuminated by my friends Robert and Cat.  Other than that, mostly just hung out, kid-wrangled, and chatted all day.

I had business in afternoon court – Joe had commissioned the textile guild to make four silk banners as his gift to the Barony.  We have one done so far, and it looks like we’re going to be making only 2 more banners and one excessively large pennon.  (The current Baronial war banner is something like 25 feet long – it’s pretty obscene.)  We’re hoping to get the rest done for Ice Dragon – they take a LONG time – I spent something like 7 1/2 hours doing the EASY part of it (i.e., not the applique).  There will be a post dedicated to the project with pictures forthcoming.

It was announced yesterday that the Aethelmearc A&S champs will be chosen at Ae 10-Year (which is at Cooper’s in 2 weeks).  Some of you may remember that last year I got my knickers in a twist because I couldn’t make my braies project fit the requirements (namely that there had to be an escarbuncle involved somehow – which of course led to the witticism of “Oops, I shat heraldry!”).

This year, there are no such restrictions. Bring your best thing and M’Lord King and M’Lady Queen will choose Their champion. No muss, no fuss. Initially, I thought “I have nothing to bring.” But then it occurred to me that I do have something that I would consider worthy of entry in a kingdom competition – I have M’s riding tunic. Of course, having time to polish up the documentation to a state that I’m willing to put out there is another issue. There’s an artisans forum as well, and really I should probably plan on participating in that, so maybe I’ll take the hour or two that it’ll take to get the docs into respectable shape and go with it. Who knows, maybe I could be A&S champ of my second kingdom… Wouldn’t THAT be amusing.