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The sleeves were too narrow – fine on top, but not big enough just below the elbow.  So I ripped out the old ones and cut entirely new ones.  I COULD have just used a teenytiny seam allowance and made the old ones work, but those sleeves are a good size for me, so I’ll just keep them and stick them in my next underdress, which also means that finishing those seams won’t be a major pain.

I also discovered that the person who took the measurements that HRH supplied me with takes their measurements VERY SNUG.  Which is fine, it’s just good to know before I start making the gown.  This gown is going to be FABULOUS.  HRH loves lots of skirts… so there are going to be at least 140″ of hem, possibly more if I decide to do double gores everywhere in the sides and back (which is really, really tempting).

Finally, look what came in the big brown truck yesterday!

That’s a periwinkle silk herringbone – the color is more purply in person than it is in the picture.  It is getting put in a spacebag and saved for a special occasion, but I couldn’t NOT buy it, especially at $6/yard.  I did it at the right time, too – when I went to send someone the link to show them last night, it was all gone.


The textile guild of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael inherited several huge boxes of fabric and sewing equipment from THL Caitlin Dierdre, who lost her fight with breast cancer late last year. Last night at guild meeting we did a preliminary sorting through the boxes and found yards and yards and yards of fabric – enough to supply us as we endeavor to flesh out the baronial gold key, to set up a textile guild sewing box, and the seeds of a textile guild library.

Our plan for next month is to get a better idea of what’s in there – inventory, burn test, etc., and then decide what’s going to be used for loaner garb and what’s going to be used for other purposes. In the meantime, there’s a hell of a lot of fabric in my sewing room. ;^)