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Alianor de Ravenglas.  Device.  Argent, a bend azure between two ravens, a chief sable.


Matatias filius Lie Blunde.  Device.  Argent, a Hebrew letter “resh” and a chief sable.

This is clear of the device of Arthur of the Fen, Argent, a fleam sable and in dexter three gouttes de sang one and two, reblazoned elsewhere in this letter. There is a CD for the addition of the chief and a CD for the removal of the three gouttes, which are large enough in this case to be considered secondaries.
There were some commenters who called for this submission to be returned because the character is not drawn as an actual resh symbol, since the ascender is not perfectly vertical. Some research turns up a 13th century Ashkenazic Haggadah (at, which has non-horizontal ascenders for all the characters, other medieval Haggadah which have curved ascenders, and an immediately post-period “Venice” Haggadah ( has the resh characters very nearly matching this submission. They are definitely not lameds, which also appear in the text. Since the character is an abstract symbol, which we do not grant difference between, and it is close enough to period depictions of the character, it is registerable.
Please inform the submitter that they may wish to draw a more vertical ascender on the character in future depictions.

M is sure to grump about the commentary on his, but hey – they both passed, hooray!