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Y’all, Ice Dragon is just exhausting. And I don’t even have anything to do with the running of any part of it!

So.  It was my first ID as MoAS… which means picking Minister’s Choice, which was actually very fun.  And conflict-of-interest-laden, because I wanted to recognize the kids as well… but Shoshanna had entered her viking beads and her flower embroidery.  Shoshanna's beadsAnd I wanted more brains to throw at it so I had Katla and Odrianna help me but Katla’s daughter’s boyfriend entered in the older youth category.  So. I looked at the older youth and Katla looked at the younger youth and  Odrianna looked at both (actually she had Alethea help her, which was totally appropriate and awesome).  Good thing, too, because the favorites in the younger category were the flower embroidery and the viking beads and the favorite in the older category was the painted pouch.  And you can probably guess which kids were responsible for those objects. The adult choices were a fabulous horn comb and a baldric featuring embossed copper plates.

I also ended up judging three categories: Curiosa (just one entry – Fredeburg’s ink ball, which was a super-cool project), Costuming to 1400 (two entries – a hood and a linen gown) and Costuming 1400 to end of period (many entries… two Polish garments, a child’s waffenrock, an Elizabethan smock with blackworked collar and cuffs, and a full Elizabethan outfit.  THAT took a lot of brainpower for me to judge…

Shoshanna also played the part of the wizard in Dagonell’s childrens’ play which was a folktale about why fish don’t make noise. It was very cute.image.jpg

I was super-excited to get to chat with Muriel de Chimay who I hadn’t seen in several years. I realized after the fact… she’d never even laid EYES on Shoshanna!

And court was sooooo long. I got to go up for my first Laurel elevation, so I’m not the baby anymore. We did our bit right after intermission and then bugged out… which meant I missed Irene being utterly poleaxed when she got a Fleur.

Oh, I also dropped off two new embroidered award medallions. Once I’m done with the blackwork sweet bag that I picked back up after almost 7 years I’m going to finally take the plunge and get some real gold and stranded silk to try OA for real. Eep!



The festival of the passing of the Ice DragonIt’s official: the Ice Dragon has once again passed. This year’s event was at the Connecticut Street Armory and OH! but we should use that site again.  Yes, there’s only on-street parking but… I left the site at 11:30 to go pick M up at work and when we got back we were able to park less than a block from the front entrance.  (I confess that my knowledge of the area is better than most people’s, since I’ve worked at D’Youville College, which is right across the street.)  Tiercelin and her peeps all did a spectacular job.

None of us had anything entered in the Pent this year and I don’t think Shoshanna even went into the pent room.  She was too busy chasing around with Lily, Elizabeth, Philip, Teresa, Kate, and Katrina.  (Such a motley crew of kids they are, I love it.)  There were SUCH beautiful things this year.  Elisabeth, Odrianna, and I put our heads together and chose the four we liked best for the Minister’s Prize(s): Caleb’s fork paper, Katla’s dog collar, Project Carl’s block-printed child’s tunic, and Herr Tannen’s (did I get that name right? I don’t remember it off the top of my head) shortbread subtlety.  As the winner, Caleb received 3 pounds of bacon which Elisabeth sent someone to hunt at Wilson’s Farm.  H.E. was good enough to share with His Majesty as well as with His Majesty Ealdormere, who was in attendance.

Writing documentation for an entry into a “heraldic display” category is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEAST than writing documentation for clothing & embroidery categories.

The kiddo and I did Ice Dragon solo again this year. Sadly, that means no fencing and no pent-ing for me. Next year I think we’ll work it so I can do some judging for the pent again – that was fun. We had a relaxing day, wandering, chatting, hearing stories. I think S is going to grow up to be a scribe – she was FASCINATED by the scribal playground and insisted that I pick her up so that she could watch.

Other excitement was getting to see my friend Ana Ravaya de Guzman, which was a total surprise.  We managed to reconstruct that last time I saw her was when K&Q Bardic was in Bergental in December 2004.  So we chatted a tiny bit, and I got to hear her sing greetings from the Crown of the East to the Aethelmearc Crown.

Got lots of compliments on her coat… she really did look disgustingly cute. I did not get to see the braies that Cori made for Otfrid’s elevation based on my instructions; I’ll have to arrange to see them some other time. We bugged out as soon as his elevation was over, because S was getting quite exhausted. She didn’t last 10 minutes in the car.