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The kiddo and I did Ice Dragon solo again this year. Sadly, that means no fencing and no pent-ing for me. Next year I think we’ll work it so I can do some judging for the pent again – that was fun. We had a relaxing day, wandering, chatting, hearing stories. I think S is going to grow up to be a scribe – she was FASCINATED by the scribal playground and insisted that I pick her up so that she could watch.

Other excitement was getting to see my friend Ana Ravaya de Guzman, which was a total surprise.  We managed to reconstruct that last time I saw her was when K&Q Bardic was in Bergental in December 2004.  So we chatted a tiny bit, and I got to hear her sing greetings from the Crown of the East to the Aethelmearc Crown.

Got lots of compliments on her coat… she really did look disgustingly cute. I did not get to see the braies that Cori made for Otfrid’s elevation based on my instructions; I’ll have to arrange to see them some other time. We bugged out as soon as his elevation was over, because S was getting quite exhausted. She didn’t last 10 minutes in the car.