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On our way to Pax

As I loaded the car Friday afternoon I was baffled by how full the car is for just a weekend event. Note that there’s barely room for Shoshanna in the car! But then I realized that most of the big stuff we take for a weekend event is the same stuff we take for Pennsic (the tent and the fencing bag being the, er, big offenders).

Shoshanna loves Pax. It’s the perfect camping event for us… close to home, low-key. And this year was no exception. We left after camp/work on Friday and stopped for dinner near site. As we were driving around the new-to-us, FABULOUS camping areas, at the second campsite I happened to see Cadlin and asked if we could crash their site. She said yes and I gotta say – I am very glad that she did. Shoshanna and Miss R played happily for the entire weekend. Seriously. All of Saturday morning while Cadlin and Sig were off doing the things that they needed to do, the girls stayed with me and there was literally ZERO conflict.

Other than the girls playing, M fenced, I sat in camp sewing and chatting with everybody who wandered by (which was a lot of people because we were on the road between gate and the field). Went to court where lots of cool people got recognized and I very nearly finished the central figures on my embroidery.

Oh, and Jenny got her finished tunic.
Jenny's Tunic


Interrupted?  Anyway… Pax was our only chance to camp this summer, since we’re not going to Pennsic.  Somehow we had never managed to get to Pax over the last three years despite it being only an hour away.

So we headed out Friday afternoon, got all set up and did some visiting on Friday night before we had to wrestle Shoshanna into bed.  Saturday we got up, did more visiting, and M went off to fence.  S and I wandered about and played with the various friends she had made and then she crashed for a nap by 11:30 am.  After she woke up M was done fencing and we headed up to the field to watch the fighting and hang out with friends up there.  While we were doing all that Catlin, aka Tall Child and the poor sad post-surgical Kip made it to the event so they joined in the hanging-out.  I think Kip made friends with every person on site.

I also started teaching Shoshanna stem stitch embroidery, which she is really enjoying.  I’ll have to scan her first “project” when she finishes it.