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Catlin’s tunic is half hemmed and I have reached saturation. I can’t look at it without seeing all the things that I think of as flaws. Putting it on the dress form and stepping back helps some but not entirely. I should have it done tomorrow night, though, at which point I will do my best to get the cat hairs off of it (we gained a feline family member this week, and she immediately made herself right at home on top of whatever sewing was in my lap in the evening), take pictures, and pack it up for delivery at Pennsic.


How is it that the past two years I have not gone to Pennsic and yet I have Pennsic Panic nonetheless?

Catlin’s riding tunic is nearly done – I just need to hem it and finish the sleeves. Oh, and pull out all the basting.

Caleb’s hosen, which I cut out on Friday so that I could work on them yesterday at Pax, are over half done (the first one is completely together, just needs the toe seam done and the hole for the points; the second one has the lining in and I’m in the process of doing the topstitching on the upper edge).

Still completely un-touched are Magdalena’s gowns, but they are going to be machine-sewn so they won’t take nearly as long.

Maybe I’ll even have time to make my kid a new tunic one of these days! She needs one desperately; her overdress is barely knee length at this point.

I seem to have a huge pile of projects all in the works at once right now… not that I mind, it’s just a little crazy.

I’m sending an A&S display item to Crown even though we’re not going.  That will be Matatias’ brown riding tunic – I had to do some mending on it last night because the topstitching on the neckline had broken in one place, but it’s repaired & washed.  I need to check/update the docs for it, though.

I’m also working on Caleb’s rapier armor.  It’s going to be my usual 2-layer undergarment with a fashion layer overgarment.  He has chosen brown with black bands for the fashion layer and white for the undergarments.  His hosen will be black as well.  I cut a bunch of bias bands for the trim last night.  When we get to the point that I’m going to drape his hosen pattern, I think I’m going to turn it into a workshop – Alicia wants to see how I do them and at that point we might as well just have a bunch of people over.  It’s not like I don’t have the handouts for it!

Finally, I’m working on Catlin’s riding tunic.  I’m repeating the seaming technique I used on the first riding tunic, only without whip-stitching the fashion and lining fabrics together first.  So far I have done about 6″ of seam on one set of gores.  I couldn’t find my wax last night so it wasn’t going as fast as I would have liked.  My GOAL is to have that done by Pennsic so it can be displayed and then delivered to her there.

ETA:  Heh, I forgot that I also have a tunic of His Majesty’s to do some work on.  Thank goodness for my handy to-do list, eh?

I gave up.  I CAN sew with the threads gleaned from the fabric, but I was getting too frustrated with them breaking, and I could only sew at about 1/3 my normal speed.  Since I’m kind of on a deadline for this gown (yeah, I know, the deadline is six months away, but I have other things going on in my life, too) and realistically I only sew one evening a week (that whole teaching + dissertation problem that I have), I needed to be able to do it faster.

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Button! I displayed what exists of the mauve gown at Baronial Champs on Saturday. By that point it actually had six buttons on the sleeve and one almost-finished buttonhole.  I’m pretty pleased with how the buttons are coming out… may need to re-wrap some of the shank because it gets moved around as I work them into the buttonholes.  We shall see…

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And documentation is even written! I was working on the hosen handout I’ve promised to approximately a zillion people and I realized that I needed to actually test out one of the patterning methods I was suggesting (measuring and sketching, as opposed to draping). So I made a pair, using some scrap linen/cotton blend we had running around. They fit pretty well; I might decide to fit them a little tighter but I’m reserving judgment on that until I’ve worn them at least one day.  Go here for the static page, where there’s also a link for the documentation.

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Planning I cut out the mauve gown tonight. I’m trying a couple of experiments with this one. More than a couple, actually.

->  Button cuffs. I’ve done stuffed buttons before, so this isn’t totally new to me, but I’ve never done buttoned cuffs before.
->  Actual math… usually I don’t try to factor in the “droop” of the body panels past my shoulder line when I figure my sleeve length. But with the more fitted sleeve, I needed to do this, so I had M take my shoulder measurement, found the difference between that and my body panel width and Threadtook the requisite amount off of the sleeve length.
->  I’m relying more on the gussets to lend fullness to the bodice rather than wider body panels. We’ll see how that goes.
->  I’m going to TRY sewing with threads pulled from the fashion fabric. We’ll see if it’s strong enough. I’ll definitely need to double it for it to be strong enough. So I have big piles of threads twisted up to keep them from getting tangled with each other.

    I’m lining this in white damask (mostly… need to see how the amount of damask I have maps to the cut wool) and I’m definitely going to be doing some serious basting to keep things lying nicely. I’ll also have to see how bulky the seams are going to be before I decide how I’m going to finish them.

    Back in late August or early September, Joe approached Irene and me about commissioning a set of new banners for the Barony from the textile guild. We said “sure!” and eventually settled on a design for 4’x5′ banners with a 2’x3′ dragon (we originally wanted to do 4’x6′ with a 2’x4′ dragon, but the beastie got too distorted at that size). We never even considered NOT doing them in silk – we settled on 19.5 mm crepe-back satin because it was the heaviest we could get without having to dye our own black.

    We dyed the silk with acid dyes. Learned a lot in the process – wish the green had come out less blotchy but we’ve managed to work around the imperfections. We didn’t have the dyebath warm enough when we put it in. The yellow went much better (and I remembered to wear gloves when we rinsed it, so I didn’t even end up looking like a ghoul after that one!).

    Once the silk was dyed and dried, I did flat-felled seams to assemble the backgrounds.

    Pinning (by sarahmichelef)More Pinning (by sarahmichelef)Finished Seam (by sarahmichelef)

    It took me 2 hours to do one seam – made me crazy. CRAZY. After that I passed it off to Wendy for the applique.  If the seams made me crazy, the applique just about put her over the edge.  I picked the one she had gotten finished up from her on Thursday and on Friday I hemmed it and put the hang tabs on it.

    Joe and I presented it in second court on Saturday afternoon, to great acclaim.

    Done! (by sarahmichelef)

    There’s still going to be a bit of applique work added – detail work on the toenails and another rib in the wings, I think.  And then we do it all over again two more times, and for a big ol’ war banner (to use up as much of the silk as we can).