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Y’all, Ice Dragon is just exhausting. And I don’t even have anything to do with the running of any part of it!

So.  It was my first ID as MoAS… which means picking Minister’s Choice, which was actually very fun.  And conflict-of-interest-laden, because I wanted to recognize the kids as well… but Shoshanna had entered her viking beads and her flower embroidery.  Shoshanna's beadsAnd I wanted more brains to throw at it so I had Katla and Odrianna help me but Katla’s daughter’s boyfriend entered in the older youth category.  So. I looked at the older youth and Katla looked at the younger youth and  Odrianna looked at both (actually she had Alethea help her, which was totally appropriate and awesome).  Good thing, too, because the favorites in the younger category were the flower embroidery and the viking beads and the favorite in the older category was the painted pouch.  And you can probably guess which kids were responsible for those objects. The adult choices were a fabulous horn comb and a baldric featuring embossed copper plates.

I also ended up judging three categories: Curiosa (just one entry – Fredeburg’s ink ball, which was a super-cool project), Costuming to 1400 (two entries – a hood and a linen gown) and Costuming 1400 to end of period (many entries… two Polish garments, a child’s waffenrock, an Elizabethan smock with blackworked collar and cuffs, and a full Elizabethan outfit.  THAT took a lot of brainpower for me to judge…

Shoshanna also played the part of the wizard in Dagonell’s childrens’ play which was a folktale about why fish don’t make noise. It was very cute.image.jpg

I was super-excited to get to chat with Muriel de Chimay who I hadn’t seen in several years. I realized after the fact… she’d never even laid EYES on Shoshanna!

And court was sooooo long. I got to go up for my first Laurel elevation, so I’m not the baby anymore. We did our bit right after intermission and then bugged out… which meant I missed Irene being utterly poleaxed when she got a Fleur.

Oh, I also dropped off two new embroidered award medallions. Once I’m done with the blackwork sweet bag that I picked back up after almost 7 years I’m going to finally take the plunge and get some real gold and stranded silk to try OA for real. Eep!



The St. Francis smock is coming together really quickly. While at Kingdom Twelfth
Night on Saturday I completely finished one sleeve (seams and seam finishes) and got the other seamed. Finished that off on Sunday; last night I sewed the shoulder seams and cut & finished the neckline. Tonight I got two gores attached to the body panels and started on a third. I’m really itching to see how the join of the gores/body/sleeve goes but I need to get alll 4 gores attached before I set the sleeves, because the gores are so much easier to do while the garment is still two-dimensional. After I get the smock all finished and the second sock made, my part of the sewing for my elevation clothes will be done (Eilis is making my outer layers.)

In other news, the reason I trekked down to PA for Twelfth Night was that I stepped up as Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences on Saturday. Should be a whole new adventure, this Kingdom Officer gig.


Aaaand Caleb’s hosen are done. The kiddo and I went to practice tonight and I finished off the toes to fit his feet. No pictures because, well… Plain linen hosen. I didn’t do anything new or interesting on them. I’ll get a picture of them on him at some point. I had forgotten, though, exactly how quickly hosen go together when you have a pattern for them.

Now I’m working on hemming Catlin’s riding tunic. Getting the hems on these things even is a giant pain.

And THEN when I have that done I still have a smock and gown for Magdalena.

… when I step away from a project for a while.

I got the mauve gown out to work on it during textile guild Tuesday night.  I’m in the process of attaching the side gores… so I merrily seamed the one that was pinned to the body panel and then moved on to sewing the two gores together, except… something wasn’t quite right.  I pulled out all the pieces and tried to figure out what goes where and it just didn’t make sense.  I kept coming out with an odd number of gores.  I was just about to decide to stick the extra gore in the back when I realized… two of the gores I had lying around were right triangles, not isosceles triangles!  Right triangle = half-gore.  Closer inspection revealed that the two gores that I had already attached to the body were also half gores.  AHA!  So… for my own record-keeping.  😉  Each side seam gets one “full” gore and two “half” gores.  Now I will remember.

There is still one error – right now those two half-gores that are attached are attached bias-to-bias.  I’m just going to leave them and let it hang for an extra-long time to get the stretch out.  I’ll make sure to do the other set straight-to-bias, though.

I’m planning to display the dress in its current state at C3R this weekend, so come take a look!

I’m making a set of 13th century gowns for HRH Liadain and took today (while watching the inauguration) to do the bulk of the construction on the underdress.  It’s all together now… I’m a little concerned about the fit of the sleeves, but we’ll know for sure how they’re fitting on Thursday.

The whole thing, inside out and not hemmed or anything.

These garments really don’t read well on the dress form, but what can you do? I’m definitely going to do center gores on the gown itself – HRH wants a keyhole neckline, too, so I’ll just do seams up the center front & back to facilitate the placement of those gores.

Sleeves… the top one is right side out; the bottom one is inside out.
Underdress Underdress
Details of the gussets & gore tops, one of each side.  As I work to make the silhouette of these gowns more true to the contemporary illustrations, I’m putting more and more of the fullness of the top into the gussets – because otherwise you end up with VERY droopy shoulders, which just doesn’t look (or seem like it would feel) right to me.

So it’s hanging on the form to let the bias stretch out before I hand-fell the seams and hem it.  Once I know how well it’s fitting, I’ll be able to settle on the sizes of the various pieces of the gown (which will be done in a navy blue 85% wool blend) and get going on that.  Like the underdress, I’ll be doing the structural seams of that garment on the machine and the finishing by hand.

I finally got a picture of Shoshanna in her striped woolen cyclas that she’s had for several months.  That plus a brief description are here.

I washed the wool for my mauve gown (A&S 50 challenge project #10) this afternoon. The damask for the lining is all prepped (read: ripped apart; it’s an old gown that I hadn’t worn in ages and couldn’t document for a number of reasons); I don’t know if there will be quite enough and I’m still thinking about how I’m going to do the lining. I’m thinking I might actually do front and back gores in this one, set into center seams. And I’m going to put button cuffs on it – haven’t done stuffed buttons in YEARS, so I’ll have to re-learn that.

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I have finally been pushed to get off my rear and write up a handout on braies.  I’m hoping to have it done by the beginning of next week – will post when I do.

Ice Dragon is coming up, and Beau Fleuve is hosting spring coronation/Queen’s Rapier at a mostly-outdoor site in April.  I refuse to let my kid run around at an event in her parka.  This week, I took her to JoAnn’s to pick out some fleece to line a “coat” for her (she picked a minty/seafoamy green).  It won’t be documentable, but it will be something other than a minty/seafoamy nylon parka (huh… wonder if that’s why she picked that lining color – it’s the same as her parka!).  My plan is to effectively make a tunic with a split front that I will put some sort of closures on (probably toggles).

I was reminded last weekend that much of my medieval clothing was made when I weighed about 35 pounds more than I do now.  Seriously – I wore my green linen cyclas over my red linen gown… I looked about 7 months pregnant (not that I know what I would look like seven months pregnant, but that’s a different blog…).  Won’t be wearing the green cyclas without belting it anymore – and will be using this as the impetus to get sewing on the next thing I’m making for me: a mauve/purple wool twill gown.  It will be lined in white damask (I’ll be taking apart my white damask gown for this purpose – I never wear it anyway) and will have button cuffs.  I’m excited about it – adding the detail of lining the wool and doing the button cuffs will bring it two steps closer to looking like the illustrations.  After that (and after I finish the smock that I’ve been working on since last Pennsic) I’m going to try doing a smock using the layout in the St. Francis tunic I posted about a while back.