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BRT was yesterday… it wasn’t as hot as it was last year, thank goodness, and we were all entertained. I got to do some A&S demo-ing and remembered as I always did that my stuff just isn’t eye-catching in a demo setting. Oh well! There are lots of pictures here (it’s technically a demo, not an event, hence all the non-SCAdians running around) and y’all folks might be especially interested in this one and this one.

Sophia also handed me prints of a bunch of pics she took of us at Coronation; I’ll have to find out if she has them online somewhere so I can post links.

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The plan for textile guild this month was for Irene to talk about patterning garments out of Patterns of Fashion and for me to talk about making late 12th – early 14th century clothes. When we asked for head counts it looked like there were going to be a bunch of people for her and just one or two for me… The reality was just the opposite! Through a combination of weather, family stuff, and other things, we ended up with somewhere between three and five people kneeling in the middle of my dining room (because we have no dining room furniture) paging through the entire Maciejowski Bible and pointing out stuff that we thought was cool or interesting. So much fun… I also chatted with Edith a bit about “what next” – she’s been making her tunics using an accurate cut and is about to make the switch into natural fibers, so we also talked about headwear and footwear as making a big difference in presentation.

Back in late August or early September, Joe approached Irene and me about commissioning a set of new banners for the Barony from the textile guild. We said “sure!” and eventually settled on a design for 4’x5′ banners with a 2’x3′ dragon (we originally wanted to do 4’x6′ with a 2’x4′ dragon, but the beastie got too distorted at that size). We never even considered NOT doing them in silk – we settled on 19.5 mm crepe-back satin because it was the heaviest we could get without having to dye our own black.

We dyed the silk with acid dyes. Learned a lot in the process – wish the green had come out less blotchy but we’ve managed to work around the imperfections. We didn’t have the dyebath warm enough when we put it in. The yellow went much better (and I remembered to wear gloves when we rinsed it, so I didn’t even end up looking like a ghoul after that one!).

Once the silk was dyed and dried, I did flat-felled seams to assemble the backgrounds.

Pinning (by sarahmichelef)More Pinning (by sarahmichelef)Finished Seam (by sarahmichelef)

It took me 2 hours to do one seam – made me crazy. CRAZY. After that I passed it off to Wendy for the applique.  If the seams made me crazy, the applique just about put her over the edge.  I picked the one she had gotten finished up from her on Thursday and on Friday I hemmed it and put the hang tabs on it.

Joe and I presented it in second court on Saturday afternoon, to great acclaim.

Done! (by sarahmichelef)

There’s still going to be a bit of applique work added – detail work on the toenails and another rib in the wings, I think.  And then we do it all over again two more times, and for a big ol’ war banner (to use up as much of the silk as we can).

Baronial Investiture was today.  Will and Kiersey are FREE!  and Caleb didn’t follow my advice (I told him he should say “dear lord what have I done?” as soon as his butt hit the chair) but has been properly installed as Baron Rhydderich Hael.

The event was possibly the most relaxing I’ve been to in a really, really long time, I realized in the car on the way home.  Morning court consisted of W&K doing last awards and stepping down.  Their morning awards included a Golden Bee (Baronial A&S) for me for costuming (to my, and Matatias’, surprise).  My scroll is lovely and extra-special because it was calligraphed and illuminated by my friends Robert and Cat.  Other than that, mostly just hung out, kid-wrangled, and chatted all day.

I had business in afternoon court – Joe had commissioned the textile guild to make four silk banners as his gift to the Barony.  We have one done so far, and it looks like we’re going to be making only 2 more banners and one excessively large pennon.  (The current Baronial war banner is something like 25 feet long – it’s pretty obscene.)  We’re hoping to get the rest done for Ice Dragon – they take a LONG time – I spent something like 7 1/2 hours doing the EASY part of it (i.e., not the applique).  There will be a post dedicated to the project with pictures forthcoming.