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After ages and ages… Catlin’s riding tunic is done.  She even put it in the Pennsic A&S display for me.

Catlin's Tunic - Side View


The fashion layer is lightweight wool that Catlin dyed – I don’t know the details, maybe she can fill us in.  The lining is medium-weight linen, and it’s hand-sewn with linen thread.  Documentation is here.


How is it that the past two years I have not gone to Pennsic and yet I have Pennsic Panic nonetheless?

Catlin’s riding tunic is nearly done – I just need to hem it and finish the sleeves. Oh, and pull out all the basting.

Caleb’s hosen, which I cut out on Friday so that I could work on them yesterday at Pax, are over half done (the first one is completely together, just needs the toe seam done and the hole for the points; the second one has the lining in and I’m in the process of doing the topstitching on the upper edge).

Still completely un-touched are Magdalena’s gowns, but they are going to be machine-sewn so they won’t take nearly as long.

Maybe I’ll even have time to make my kid a new tunic one of these days! She needs one desperately; her overdress is barely knee length at this point.