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Liadain UnderdressI finished up Liadain’s underdress last night during textile guild.  Hooray!  
Here’s a sampling of what the finished seams look like. The shoulder seams were on the selvedge, so I didn’t bother to fell them, I just laid them flat and stitched them down.

Liadain Underdress I ALWAYS seem to mess up when I fell the seams on a tunic. Always.  This time, I very cleverly said, “Oh, I can just trim all the way around the outside of the gores and the shoulder seams, and  it’ll work out great!”  Yeah, except for those pesky side-seams, genius.  Doing it that way means that you have trimmed BOTH SIDES of the side seam, leaving you nothing to fell.

Having messed up one side, I decided to at least be internally consistent, so I deliberately made the same mistake on the other side.  Liadain UnderdressThen I cut small strips of linen and stitched them down over the raw edges.  It’s not too bulky, it looks clean, and the raw edges are all contained.  So that was a good solution.

In fact, it was such a good solution that I may try it again.  The gore / side seam / gusset area is ALWAYS a pain when you’re felling seams, and this makes it so much less complicated.  I think it’ll depend on the weight of the fabric, though.

Today or tomorrow I’ll cut out the overgown.  It’s going to have a LOT of skirt!  Right now I’m planning on about 160″ of hem between the body of the gown and the six gores (one each front and back, two in each side).  Lots of seams to finish, but it will be sooooo luxurious!